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Ariba case study

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Subjects Covered
IT management
Operations management
Project management
Risk management
Software development

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The SAP Ariba leadership team is dedicated to making procurement simpler and smarter. Meet our team and learn what they think is awesome about making procurement awesome for our customers.

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Create one place where everyone in your company can find essential supplier information with centralized vendor and risk management data.

I liked the site, very much. It helped me gain the strength to give the actual Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) certification exam by boosting my confidence in landscape planning, installation process, post installation configuration etc.. C_AR_P2P_13 preparation will become very easy with this site! I gave the sap exam and my confidence helped me secure 86%. 

Create one place where everyone in your company can find essential supplier information with centralised vendor and risk management data.

Ariba case study

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ariba case study
ariba case study

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