Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Essay Tingkat Smp Kelas 8., Contoh soal essay dalam bahasa inggris

Contoh soal essay dalam bahasa inggris

Malin’s ship continued to sail, in the ocean it was hit by the great wave and storm and it was destroyed and Malin became a stone. You can see it in the Batu manis Malin Kundang , Padang, West Sumatra.

  1. What is the best title of that text?
  2. Where does the story come from?
  3. So, what is the good massage from the text to you?
Then, you have answer the questions based on the text below

…dan membantu bapak/ibu semua sebagai referensi dalam pembuatan soal UTS SD tahun ajaran 2017/ Pendidikan Incoming search terms: download soal notice dalam bahasa inggris contoh soal pilgan bahasa inggris lagu…

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Menurut saya soalnya bagus membantu kalau yang bener mau belajar dan kekurangannya cuman soalnya belum mencangkup semua materi SMA karna karna kisi UN tidak selalu sama setiap tahunnya jadi mending soalnya di beri dari semua materi kan lengkap .

1) I talked to the girl ….. car had broken down in front of the shop.
2) Mr Richards,….. is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
3) John is calling the girl ….. I met last night.
4) This is the girl ….. comes from Spain.
5) That’s Peter, the boy ….. has just arrived at the airport.
6) Thank you very much for your e-mail ….. was very interesting.
7) The man, ….. father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.
8) The children, ….. Mr. John met in the street, are not from our school.
9) The car, ….. driver is a young man, is from Ireland.
10) What did you do with the money your mother ….. lent you?

Min adakah soal listening berkaitan dg text reading diatas? Jadi antara soal diatas dg soal reading dn listening saling berkaitan.

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1. What is the function of paragraph 1?
a. as an identification
b. as an orientation
c. as a thesis
d. as a classification
e. as an abstract

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Contoh soal essay dalam bahasa inggris

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contoh soal essay dalam bahasa inggris
contoh soal essay dalam bahasa inggris

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