Silas Deane Middle School, Sdms homework page

Sdms homework page

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The school aims at providing quality education , propagating patriotic, social and moral values for producing responsible citizens and ensuring physical, spiritual and mental growth of the students. That is why the parents feel genuinely proud that their children receive education at the campus with the most congenial atmosphere.

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Silas Deane Middle School has three groups participating in the Math Counts Video Challenge this year. Members of Math Counts Club have worked extremely hard to

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At Silas Deane Middle School we prepare students for life and life’s experiences. We believe the aim of education is a process of personal development and service that can bring fulfillment to oneself and to others. We believe that each student is unique and has a varying capacity to relate to the world of people, things, and ideas. We encourage each student to develop competency, a positive self-image, independence, a sense of responsible freedom, and a desire to express and understand feelings. 

Sdms homework page

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sdms homework page
sdms homework page

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