How to Become a Pediatric Nurse |, Pediatric nurse practitioner admission essay

Pediatric nurse practitioner admission essay

Parents often prefer to have their children treated by pediatric specialists, because children have special health care needs. Their bodies are growing and changing, and they often react differently to injury, illness and even common medications.

Upon successful completion of an accredited pediatric nurse practitioner program, students will have earned a Master of Science in Nursing and will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam. The certification exam is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center or Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. The ANCC and PNCB require applicants to have a current RN license and complete at least 500 hours of clinical time as part of an accredited pediatric nurse practitioner program. The exam is designed to test the student’s knowledge of advanced pharmacology, health assessment and physiology in addition to pediatric health issues.

To specialize in pediatrics, a nurse typically applies to work in a site that serves pediatric patients. Most of these sites offer classroom and/or clinical experience directed to the unique characteristics of children. These orientation or “internship” programs may last weeks or months. The salary of the pediatric nurse depends on the education and experience of the nurse, the location of the facility, and the acuity of the patient population.

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Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? Whether you want to study for the NCLEX, job search, or prep for interviews, these tools can help launch your nursing career.

The Journal of Pediatric Nursing : Nursing Care of Children and Families (JPN) is interested in publishing evidence-based practice, quality improvement, theory, and research papers on a variety of topics from US and international authors. JPN is the official journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses and the Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society . Cecily L. Betz, PhD, RN, FAAN is the Founder and Editor in Chief.

The UW School of Nursing is the only nursing school in the WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) to offer the Pediatric CNS track.

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Pediatric nurses devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children from infancy through the late teen years and their families.

The Swedish physician Nils Rosén von Rosenstein (1706–1773) is considered to be the founder of modern pediatrics as a medical specialty, [11] [12] while his work The diseases of children, and their remedies (1764) is considered to be "the first modern textbook on the subject". [13] Pediatrics as a specialized field of medicine continued to develop in the mid-19th century; German physician Abraham Jacobi (1830–1919) is known as the father of American pediatrics because of his many contributions to the field. [14] [15] He received his medical training in Germany but later practiced in New York City .

Later in the century, pediatric nursing would be directly involved in the move toward advanced degrees and advanced practice. For example, the first nurse practitioners were pediatric nurse practitioners. The pediatric nursing practitioner movement began in 1964 and is now 25 years old.

Agatha M. Gallo, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN, disclosed that she is an Investigator receiving grant/research support from the National Institutes of Health's National Human Genome Research Institute.

Registered nurses are eligible for CPN certification. Each state’s board of nursing determines the requirements for RN licensure, which usually includes an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited institution. Those interested in a nursing program leading to licensure eligibility should look for programs with accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and/or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

Young children are often unable to verbally express why they do not feel well or what hurts. Children are also often afraid of medical procedures, testing and shots. The role of a pediatric nurse involves more than just health care. This professional must be able to communicate and understand the things a child is unable to say. Pediatric nurses provide comfort to both the child and the child’s parents or caregiver.

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Health Care: The Experience of Patients And Families
Amy Hopper, Deborah Dokken, and Elizabeth Ahmann

Neonatal nurses are registered nurses who specialise in working with these young, vulnerable patients. Neonatal nursing is a branch of health-care that is mainly focus in providing care and support for newborn babies who were born prematurely, or suffering from health problems such as birth defects, infections, or heart deformities. Many neonatal nurses work in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), providing highly specialised medical care to at risk newborns. [3]

NAPNAP has position statements on a variety of topics and issues regarding advanced nursing practice and children’s health. They follow a rigorous process, beginning with the approval of the pursuit of a position, to the actual development of each position and ending with each statement being published in NAPNAP’s professional journal, the Journal of Pediatric Health Care .

Students who want to become pediatric nurses can enroll in online programs as well as complete them at their own pace. Compared to traditional programs, these degree programs are more flexible, giving students the flexibility to study from any location and at timings that suit their personal routine. The online programs can be a suitable option for busy working RNs seeking advanced opportunities in the field or nursing.  As classes in the online degrees can be managed remotely, students can manage their personal or professional commitments alongside their studies.

Pediatric nurse practitioner admission essay

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pediatric nurse practitioner admission essay
pediatric nurse practitioner admission essay

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