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King henry iv shakespeare essay

Title: The First Part of King Henry the Fourth, with the Life and Death of Henry Surnamed Hotspur (TV Movie 1979)

The play picks up where Henry IV, Part 1 left off. Its focus is on Prince Hal 's journey toward kingship, and his ultimate rejection of Falstaff . However, unlike Part One , Hal's and Falstaff's stories are almost entirely separate, as the two characters meet only twice and very briefly. The tone of much of the play is elegiac, focusing on Falstaff's age and his closeness to death, which parallels that of the increasingly sick king.

Falstaff will do anything to finance his eating and drinking. He carries out a robbery with two of hisfriends but Hal and Poins rob them in turn. Hal protects Falstaff from the law and returns the money to the victims.

As they are sharing, the Prince and Poins set upon them; they all run away; and Falstaff, after a blow or two, runs away too, leaving the booty behind them

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The early scenes deal with the embarkation of Henry's fleet for France, and include a real-life incident in which the Earl of Cambridge and two others plotted to assassinate Henry at Southampton . (Henry's clever uncovering of the plot and his ruthless treatment of the plotters show that he has changed from the earlier plays in which he appeared.)

Adding to King Henry's troubles is the behaviour of his son and heir, the Prince of Wales . Hal (the future Henry V ) has forsaken the Royal Court to waste his time in taverns with low companions. This makes him an object of scorn to the nobles and calls into question his royal worthiness. Hal's chief friend and foil in living the low life is Sir John Falstaff . Fat, old, drunk, and corrupt as he is, he has a charisma and a zest for life that captivates the Prince.

Henry IV, Part 1 , culminates in the battle of Shrewsbury between the king's army and rebels seeking his crown. The dispute begins when Hotspur, the son of Northumberland, breaks with the king over the fate of his brother-in-law, Mortimer, a Welsh prisoner. Hotspur, Northumberland, and Hotspur's uncle Worcester plan to take the throne, later allying with Mortimer and a Welsh leader, Glendower. 

King Henry IV, Part One by William Shakespeare resumes the story from Shakespeare’s play Richard II. Henry IV and his son Hal join forces and fight against the rebels that have turned against him. They have a strained relationship, largely brought on by Hal’s friendship with the corrupt Falstaff. Henry IV admires the tenacity of Hotspur, the rebel leader, and claims he could possibly be a better heir to the throne. The death of Hotspur signifies victory and the end of the battle for the king’s forces, but the war goes on with the Archbishop of York.

Henry IV, Part 1 is a history play by William Shakespeare . It is the second of Shakespeare's four-play series that deals with the successive reigns of Richard II , Henry IV (2 plays) and Henry V . Henry IV, Part I was probably first performed early in 1597.

King Henry's suspicious, rude and perhaps arrogant treatment of Henry Percy (the Earl of Northumberland's son who is known as 'Hotspur' because of his courage and impetuous nature) only makes matters worse.

Hal, who is the Prince of Wales, and his good friend Falstaff are in an apartment drinking and having fun. In dialogue laced with sexual innuendo, they speak about a tavern where both men like to flirt with the hostess. Their conversation turns to thieves, and Falstaff tells Hal that when he becomes the king he had better not hang a thief. Hal jokingly offers Falstaff the job of hangman for the thieves.

King henry iv shakespeare essay

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king henry iv shakespeare essay
king henry iv shakespeare essay

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