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University of colorado business plan

INSTAAR scientists Ben Hudson and Irina Overeem install river gauging equipment on the the Naujatkuat river, West Greenland. Photo by Katy Barnhart, 2017.

Answering challenges for the planet. The College’s five departments focus on environment and sustainability, focusing on endangered species, tourism, and much more.

Our online college prep courses provide current high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while concurrently fulfilling high school requirements.

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The University of Colorado system is a system of public universities in Colorado consisting of four campuses: University of Colorado Boulder , University of Colorado Colorado Springs , University of Colorado Denver in downtown Denver and at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora . It is governed by the elected, nine-member Board of Regents of the University of Colorado .

The University of Colorado's high performing faculty and staff drive the university's achievement and impact on Colorado, the nation and the world. See what they have to say about working at CU.

Эта настройка позволяет добавлять в твиты информацию о местоположении, например название города и точные координаты, на веб-сайте и в сторонних приложениях. Вы можете удалить сведения о местоположении из своих твитов в любое время. Подробнее

The University of Colorado A Line is 23 miles of rail that is making local and international travel easier than ever. The new line, which opened on April 22, 2016, provides easy, affordable and reliable connections between downtown Denver, Denver International Airport, and the many communities along I-70. With connections at Union Station to the C , E and W light rail lines, the B Line commuter rail line to Westminster and local and regional buses, your public transportation options now have an international connection.

Office of Advancement
10901 W. 120th Ave., Suite 200 | Broomfield, CO 80021
(303) 541-1229 | giftplanning@

Download the  Clery Act Annual Security & Fire safety report , or  request a paper copy  from the CU Boulder  Police Department .  

When you give to the University of Colorado, you have a world of options. We are happy to assist you in finding the type of gift that best meets your needs, for both the present and the future. Explore the various ways you can give today .

The University of Colorado at Boulder is ideally suited to the study of geological sciences. At the junction of the high plains and the Rocky Mountains, the Boulder area represents a natural outdoor laboratory where you can study geological features of all ages in diverse settings, and observe earth processes firsthand. Fieldwork in the Rocky Mountain region is an essential part of instruction and research. 

Regent Administrative Center , room 150
43 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
Email: bursar@
Phone: 303-492-5381

The University of Colorado Boulder does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation or political philosophy in admission and access to, and treatment and employment in, its educational programs and activities. The university takes affirmative action to increase ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity; to employ qualified disabled individuals; and to provide equal opportunity to all students and employees.

For residents and nonresidents alike, UNC is one of the most affordable four-year institutions in the state of Colorado. So your degree value-to- cost ratio is high.

University of colorado business plan

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University of Colorado

Geological Sciences | University of Colorado Boulder.

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university of colorado business plan
university of colorado business plan

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