Water Pollution Essay, Water pollution essay for grade 2

Water pollution essay for grade 2

Sewage produces foul-odour and makes the water brownish and oily. Organic waste gives rise to scum and sludge that makes the water unfit for recreational and industrial use.

Secondly, both the agriculture and the industrial sectors are activities responsible for water, air, soil and noise pollution. Man uses pesticides and fertilizers in his agricultural fields. These items have adverse effects on water, air, and soils. However, some factories that produce these chemicals have installed different water and air purification systems though such actions are minimal compared to industries existing in both developed and developing nations. Besides, many nations have not subscribed to global environmental protection programs due to the limitation of such activities in specific territories which further derails efforts to solve the universal problem.

wastewater was simply to reduce its content of suspended solids, oxygen-demanding materials, dissolved inorganic compounds, and harmful bacteria. In recent years, however, more stress has been placed on improving means of disposal of the solid residues from the municipal treatment processes

In the fourth paragraph, various ecological impacts are outlined as the third support towards creating quick action on the given problem.

Water pollution may be defined as any chemical or physical change in water detrimental to living organisms. It can occur through natural processes, for example by sediments produced by natural erosion. Water bodies are a major recipient of an extensive array of wastes produced by human activity. These may be discharged directly into watercourses by sewers or pipes from factories or be washed down from agricultural or urban areas particularly after heavy rains. Under rather exceptional circumstances, water bodies may become significantly contaminated by the atmospheric deposition of pollutants.

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Water is indispensible for sustenance of ail living organisms because of its several unique properties which are discussed be­low:

Water is also one of the survival elements for the living beings. Water is polluted by the garbage of mills, factories and industries in most cases. Sometime, farmers use insecticide and fertilizers excessively. The drinking of this polluted water is detrimental to life and health.

Effects of Water Pollution. Pollution is eventually going to reduce the quantity of water that can be used from water bodies. Pollution not only affects human life ...

This article will provide you with an in depth explanation of what water pollution is, the causes and effects associated with water pollution and what can be done to prevent or even reverse the condition of water pollution.

Air can be polluted by many things. Air pollution includes poisonous gases , sulphur dioxide , nitrogen dioxide , carbon monoxide and very small particulates . Smoke and harmful gases released by fires , industries and thermal power plants cause air pollution. Using coal and wood as fuels for fire cause a lot of air pollution. Petroleum produces less pollution per tonne, but it causes a lot of pollution since a lot of it is burned globally. Air pollution may cause breathing problems such as asthma or other health problems. It also causes diseases like cancer .

In fine, we need to take all measures to save the environment because environmental pollution causes serious harm to us. We are responsible for the pollution in indirect means. Some terrible chemical combinations which we make use of on a daily basis get intermingled into water and air and eventually affect our well-being. Our environment and we, both are incomplete without the help of each other. We ought to try our best to maintain the environment healthy so that we can survive. Click here to order

The main sources of air pollution in India and elsewhere are mineral dust and gases, automobiles, thermal power plants and industries. Any contamination in the air may not only cause many diseases and loss of vision but can also disturb the whole atmospheric system. Air pollution can also cause acid rain which damages soil, vegetation and aquatic life of the region.

Water pollution can be classified according to the nature of pollutants, the sources releasing them and the water bodies into which they are discharged. Water pollution is measured by the concentration of pollutants in the water body and their effects on other water uses. Six categories of pollutants are recognized :-

Pollution is the contamination of the natural environment which exists around us and helps in normal living. Any type of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes insecurity, health disorders and discomfort in normal living. It disorganizes the natural systems and thus disturbs the nature’s balance.

Water pollution essay for grade 2

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water pollution essay for grade 2
water pollution essay for grade 2

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