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Holyoke homework house

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10/3/17:   We are happy to announce the list of local charities that will receive their portion of Pride's $50,000 lottery commission from selling the winning Powerball ticket on August 24, 2017. Each recipient listed below will receive $1,000. Representatives of Pride will be in contact with each organization to arrange for receipt of the donation within the next ten days. All of the local non-profits that have been chosen directly help kids in need. Thank you to all who applied.

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 · Volunteer with Homework House Holyoke . Find Homework House Holyoke volunteering opportunities at VolunteerMatch!

Holyoke offers a variety of youth services that encompass anything from recreational activities to homework help. These services ensure that the youth of Holyoke grow and flourish in a safe, community based environment in which they have the ability to succeed.

In 2000, the Miss Congeniality Award was changed to The Bonnie Baker Miss Congeniality Award. For the colleens, Bonnie Baker was a mentor and friend. Her patience, as always, was without end. She organized the pageant, was an active volunteer. She consoled the nervous and brought them cheer. It is for all these reasons, her memory, we will hold dear.

Over the last five years, one volunteer in particular has played a big role in the childrens’ and tutors’ lives.

The spelling bee will be emceed by Holyoke Rep. Aaron Vega and held at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St., from 5:30 to 7:30 . on Thursday, April 14. 

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Holyoke homework house

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holyoke homework house
holyoke homework house

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