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The reason for this sustained attention to human happiness? Says Anderson, "The exhilarating part was this...maybe, just maybe, we could discover a deeper, longer-lasting, more profound form of happiness. Maybe we could even do this before we ended up mangling our personal relationships and destroying our planet."

Guiding theories are Seligman's . , and Csikszentmihalyi's theory of flow , while Seligman and Peterson's Character Strengths and Virtues was a major contribution to the methodological study of positive psychology.

Positive psychology aims to bring about the best in a person so that person can live life to the fullest. Positive psychology can help individuals live a pleasant life, engaged life, meaningful life or an achieving life. Counseling and positive psychotherapy can be used to bring out the person's strengths. Positive psychology is not limited to the mentally ill but for everyone in general. Positive psychology can help individuals understand how to achieve good mental health, happiness and well-being. Well-being can be achieved through mental, physical, social or financial well-being. Thinking positive and being optimistic are the best predictors of well-being.

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Explain the concepts of positive psychology to Juanita.
Examine the goals of positive psychology and explain how this approach will help Juanita obtain sobriety, focusing specifically on the concerns and dissatisfactions she has expressed.
Design at least two exercises based on positive psychology for Juanita to work on in between counseling sessions.
Explain spirituality to Juanita, emphasizing the differences between spirituality and religion.
Examine how spirituality and positive psychology can work together to help Juanita achieve her goals.

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Positive psychology is the study of happiness . Psychology has traditionally focused on dysfunction—people with mental illness or other issues—and how to treat it. Positive psychology, in contrast, is a field that examines how ordinary people can become happier and more fulfilled.

Positive psychology aims to understand concepts like "happiness" and to explore whether it's possible to develop interventions that maximize positive emotions.

Define social psychology. Analyze the four key characteristics of social psychology as outlined in Social Beings. Explain the concept of situationism and the role that it plays in social psychology….

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But then my third and final thought was "Hmm ... throughout this past year, when I encountered a provocative study, I often wrote a blog entry about it ... so, a more modest list is a good idea if presented with appropriate qualifications." I looked back over the past year's blog entries by me, noted those that focused on particular research studies, and then chose ten of these.

One consequence of this focus on psychological problems, however, is that psychology has little to say about what makes life most worth living. Positive psychology proposes to correct this imbalance by focusing on strengths as well as weaknesses, on building the best things in life as well as repairing the worst. It asserts that human goodness and excellence is just as authentic as distress and disorder, that life entails more than the undoing of problems.

Seligman's presidential initiative was catalyzed by a series of meetings in Akumal, Mexico, of scholars who could inform the conceptualization and early development of positive psychology, and the establishment of the Positive Psychology Steering Committee (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ed Diener, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Chris Peterson, and George Vaillant). From this followed the Positive Psychology Network, later to become the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the first Positive Psychology Summit in Washington, DC, and a special issue of the American psychologist on positive psychology to mark the new millennium.

Positive psychology essay example

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positive psychology essay example
positive psychology essay example

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