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Chrysler building essay

The Chrysler Building is the world’s largest steel-supported brick building. Go through this article to know some interesting and fun facts about the Chrysler Building.

The Chrysler Building, originally erected in 1930, underwent purchase and renovation in 1998 with completion by mid-2000, bringing the building’s total rentable area to 2,062,772 square feet.

Many fine examples of well-preserved prehistoric architecture are found in southern England. Stonehenge in Amesbury, United Kingdom is a well-known example of the prehistoric stone circle. Nearby Silbury Hill (shown above), also in Wiltshire, is the largest man-made, prehistoric earthen mound in Europe. At 30 meters high and 160 meters wide, the gravel mound is layers of soil, mud, and grass, with dug pits and tunnels of chalk and clay. Completed in the late Neolithic period, approximately 2,400 BC, its architects were a Neolithic civilization in Britain.

This link  will brings you directly on the National Geographic website, on the article « Building the Empire State ». More than the videos, you’ll be able to watch several bonus and an exclusive photo gallery. Otherwise, the TV show is also illustrated by a written article about the story of the Empire State building.

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The rest of the building is leased to businesses and not accessible to visitors. There are no tours through the building. There is absolutely no access beyond the lobby for tourists.  

At the time, though, that wasn't as much of an honor as you might think. As all new constructions do, the Chrysler Building fell under the close scrutiny of critics. It was viewed as a folly, a vanity project. The architecture critic Kenneth Murchison called Van Alen "the Ziegfeld of his profession," and while Murchison may have meant it as a compliment, there were plenty of others who thought of Van Alen as little more than a flashy showman. What's more, after the stock market crash, the skyscrapers of the '20s were seen as showy and somewhat unpleasant reminders of more prosperous times.

Innovative Construction
“I don’t think you can get a piece of furniture made in a year and 45 days [today],” Ruth acknowledges. So, how was a 102-story building, reaching 1,252 feet into the sky, constructed at a rate of stories per week? In her essay “Building the Empire State,” from her book of the same title, architectural historian Carol Willis cites two reasons for the incredible pace: “A team-design approach that involved the collaboration of the architects, owners, builders, and engineers in planning and problem-solving, and the organizational genius of the general contractors Starrett Brothers & Eken.”

 · Forget that the Chrysler Building went up more than 70 years ago. In daylight, with its stainless-steel crown gleaming in the sun, or at night, when the ...

Photo: Library of Congress, Chrysler Building [image], Midtown Manhattan, 1932
Accessed: 27th March, 2014

The immense scale of the building required worldwide efforts. The most state of the art materials came from around the globe, with fine woods from Japan and South America, metals from Connecticut and Tennessee, Granite and Marble from Sweden and Italy, and fine glass from Belgium. Large ships carried the materials across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  [ 9 ]  The enormous effort shows how well the world economy worked in the 1920s. With so many countries working as a refined machine, steel, stone, and glass could rise to the sky.

The project for the Chrysler Building began as a collaboration between architect William Van Alen and contractor William H. Reynolds.  Van Alen’s original design was very ambitious, containing a decorative ‘diamond’ crown, showroom windows that were tripled in height and topped with a 12 story section of glass corners, lightening the look of the building.  But his designs proved to be too expensive and advanced for Reynolds’ tastes, who sold the design and lease to industrialist Walter P. Chrysler.

Chrysler building essay

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chrysler building essay
chrysler building essay

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