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Australian thesis archive

Accounting Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor Lisa Marini Accountability and transparency surrounding microloan disclosure practices

See the Digital Thesis Submission guide for comprehensive information about submitting your final thesis to the Library after examination at Flinders University. 

For the purposes of considering request for Reasonable Adjustments under the disability Standards for Education (Cwth 2005), and Students Experiencing Academic Disadvantage Policy, academic requirements for this subject are articulated in the Subject Description, Subject Objectives, Generic Skills and Assessment Requirements of this entry.

The collection contains both microfiche and electronic theses and dissertations that are for personal or academic research purposes. Any commercial use, publication, reproduction or lending of this material is strictly prohibited.

VU Library has copies of theses for loan. Most are in book format, some of the older ones are available only on microfiche. To locate a VU thesis, use Library Search to carry out a keyword search and combine terms such as 'thesis' and 'Victoria University' with broad subject categories, for example, 'marketing'. Older theses from the former Footscray Institute of Technology can be located by substituting 'Footscray Institute' for 'Victoria University'.

Alternatively, browse the UWA Theses collection from the Repository . Select Search then Theses in the left hand side menu. Choose Advanced search options and, in the Type field, select Doctoral or Master's . 

The University of Wollongong thesis collection dates from 1954 and comprises over 4600 items, the majority of which have been digitised and made available on Research Online. All UOW thesis records are harvested by the National Library of Australia's Trove .

Please note that due to copyright restrictions the version of the thesis available online may vary in content from the original version. The University Library can provide access to complete versions.

You are able to Search all Australian theses or Search all digital Australian theses  via Trove.  You may also subscribe to the Trove feed for recently added Australian digital theses .

As the course is heavily dependent on computer skills, you should develop competency in word-processing and Internet browser software before commencing the course.

The masters program allows students to combine coursework with extensive independent research in Australian Studies. The thesis should demonstrate a critical application of specialist knowledge and make an independent contribution to existing scholarship in the area of research. Candidates may advance to the Doctor of Philosophy degree after successful completion of the masters or may apply to convert to a PhD at an earlier stage. An Honours grade of at least H2B (70%) average must be attained in the respective thesis and the advanced seminar components of the course to qualify for the award of the masters degree.

demonstrate an advanced level of anyalysis of a topic in Australian Studies or of a methodology applied to Australian Studies.

In disciplines where journals are not the primary form of scholarly communication, dissertations offer access to significant primary research that is not published in any other format and they surface seminal ideas from notable scholars.

A thesis of 12,000 words. Topic selected in consultation with the fourth-year coordinator. This subject must taken over two consecutive semesters of enrolment.

University Library Theses. Further information... The only official copy of the thesis will be the electronic/digital version which can be accessed via the UWA ...

ALGA has also built up extensive collections relating to key aspects of LGBTI life in Australia, in particular pride festivals such as Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras , Midsumma and Feast Festival, as well as HIV/AIDS and the various state AIDS action and support organisations, and lesser known aspects such as queer Christian organisations and queer sporting organisations and events.

First published in 2011, CAUL has reviewed and revised its Principles & Framework for Pricing Electronic Information Resources .  If you are reviewing your pricing models - talk to us first.

Australian thesis archive

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australian thesis archive
australian thesis archive

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