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Essay on kashmir problem

India and Pakistan have fought several wars over Kashmir. In 1949 and 1972 they agreed on a border for most of the Territories (except for the Siachen Glacier). This demarcation line which marks the border between India and Pakistan is known as the Line of Control . It is guarded by Indian and Pakistani troops.

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 · Short essay on Kashmir Problem and Its Solution (free to read). First, continue to use police and paramilitary forces to protect the public, patrol borders ...

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The British Empire gave independence to The British Empire of India in August 1947. The Indian subcontinent was divided into West Pakistan, India and East Pakistan. Kashmir, like other 500 princely states, was offered to choose between having Pakistan or India as its dominion. The decision had to be taken on the basis of the wishes of the population and geographical contiguity. Results from the referendum were expected to point Pakistan as a dominion. However the Maharaja, who was originally Hindu, was delaying his decision, dithering between remaining independent or joining India.

Second, we should stop exaggerating the threats to Indian security and secularism. Whatever happens in Kashmir, it is unlikely that the security of the rest of the country (except Punjab) will be greatly affected.

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The vast majority of the state’s territory is mountainous, and the physiography is divided into seven zones that are closely associated with the structural components of the western Himalayas. From southwest to northeast those zones consist of the plains, the foothills, the Pir Panjal Range, the Vale of Kashmir, the Great Himalayas zone, the upper Indus River valley, and the Karakoram Range.

In 1947, Lord Mountbatten (the last viceroy of India) divided what was once British India into two countries, India and Pakistan. This was done based largely on religious grounds. The religious demographics were divided between a Muslim population, and a Hindu population. Kashmir had Sikh rulers and a Muslim population, so there was no obvious place to go for the Muslim population once the partition had taken place. The rulers opted to join India when most of the population would have chosen Pakistan. Because of this, Both Pakistan and India claimed the territory.

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Although India claims that the entire state is part of India, it has been prepared to accept the Line of Control as the international border, with some possible modifications. Both the US and the UK have also favoured turning the Line of Control into an internationally-recognised frontier.

Essay on kashmir problem

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Essay on the Kashmir Problem - World’s Largest.

Short essay on Kashmir Problem and Its Solution

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essay on kashmir problem
essay on kashmir problem

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