New Year Essay- Essay On New Year For School Students, Short essay on new year celebration in india

Short essay on new year celebration in india

New Year’s Day : ( Short Essay) New Year’s Day is universally celebrated on January 1. According to the Gregorian calendar a year completes by ... Your Home Teacher

New Year is celebrated all over the world with great fun and enthusiasm. It is a special day for the people and they well come upcoming year in their own way. People buy new clothes, gifts and different things from market. Shops are full of crowd on these days. !st January is Celebration of New Year in India is a fun full of food, frolic and rituals. People celebrated it with music and dance. Children are very happy on this day as they get gifts and good food to enjoy. In India, different community celebrates their new year on different date according to their calendar. But overall it is a festival which shown happiness in people and spread joy everywhere.

For me New Year is wonderful day. I spent it with my family. We cook and make many tasty things and eat it till the next day January 1 st . And in New Year women watch TV because many good New Year programs and concerts are shown. And children and fathers prepare the fireworks and lit it in the street and watch other fireworks through the window.

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Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Christians. The exact date of the birth of Christ was unanimously fixed some two centuries after his death, as the Catholic Church began to establish its tradition. Now Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in Catholic, Protestant and most orthodox churches.

At America’s great Chinese temples, such as Hsi Lai in Hacienda Heights, California, this is the busiest day of the year, with thousands of celebrants. Indeed, the week before the Chinese New Year, the temple invites the entire surrounding neighborhood for a special dinner at the temple to say “thank you” in advance for putting up with the traffic and crowds that inevitably accompany the celebration. On New Year’s Day, all of the surrounding streets are packed with cars, and the kitchen staff is hard-pressed to keep up with the steady stream of diners in the spacious temple dining room. For many Chinese-Americans, this is the only time they come to the temple.

As we all know that the New Year of different nation begins on different days. But celebrating the New Year on January 1 also contributes significantly to the unity of all religions. From the night of December 31, gathering in different groups at different places, people start celebrating New Year and at 12 o’clock, they all greet each other with a new year wishes & greetings.

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So much of fun is involved that we totally forget the passing time. Some years, friends and relatives stop by and we all join together to make it even more great. By evening, everybody is in full spirits and would be out. We sometimes go for partying and enjoy a great deal over there. As time passes by everybody starts getting excited.

Children are the ones who enjoy the festive season most. They receive red packets containing money from their parents and their elders. New dresses are worn and old things cast aside as the New Year is supposed to be the start of a new period in their lives and everyone follows these traditional customs.

I have noted down a few resolutions that I would like to take this year and stick onto them. The most important of all is to be organized. I never have the habit of organizing my work and therefore end up in incomplete homework and projects. So this year I plan to be more systematic and organized, so that I finish my work on time and do not keep pending, the works assigned to me.

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Julius Caesar, Roman dictator decided to reform failing Roman calendar which was introduced in 7th century . It was based on the lunar cycle, it used to fell out of phase frequently with the seasons and had to be corrected. Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer advised using solar cycles like Egyptians. The year was adjusted by adding 67 Days to 45 . making January 1, as first of year 46 . instead of March. He also decided to add to 1 day to February every four years to keep the calendar on track.

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Kannada New year, Tamil New Year, Assamese New Year, Bengali New Year fall on April 14 or April 15. Odia New Year, Manipuri New Year – April 14, Punjabi New Year fall on April and Malayalees New Year falls on a day in Mid April (Vishu) and so on.

Short essay on new year celebration in india

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short essay on new year celebration in india
short essay on new year celebration in india

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