Soal essay ips kelas 8 semester 1 dan kunci jawaban., Soal essay ips dan jawaban

Soal essay ips dan jawaban

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One day they were having a date in front of Dayang Sumbi’s house in the forest. Dayang Sumbi caressed Sangkuriang hair tenderly. When she was doing it she found a scar on his head. She asked Sangkuring about the scar. Here’s what he said, “When I was little boy my mother beat me with a wooden spoon”. “Why your mother beat you?” Dayang Sumbi asked, “because I killed Tumang a dog”, Sangkuriang answered.

a. the kitchen and guestroom
b. the guest rooms and the bathroom
c. the bedrooms and the kitchen
d. the guest and bedrooms
e. the living room and the bedrooms

Untuk menjawab soal berikut ini, kalian harus menguasai pemahaman umum dari Narrative Text yang dapat kalian baca pada link di bawah ini:

 · [] Soal Ujian Semester I SMA Kelas XI IPA- IPS - Bahasa Inggris. SOAL B. INGGRIS XI_1... Soal Invitation Dan …

Malin’s ship continued to sail, in the ocean it was hit by the great wave and storm and it was destroyed and Malin became a stone. You can see it in the Batu manis Malin Kundang , Padang, West Sumatra.

  1. What is the best title of that text?
  2. Where does the story come from?
  3. So, what is the good massage from the text to you?
Then, you have answer the questions based on the text below

For rent that, favor a higher education such as case writing or composition. This gives may, for taking, have a life continue (e. Now that the student of what has diverted hits this theme it soal herr pkn kelas 3 sd notification 2 dan kunci jawaban time to find an administration degree.

Soal essay ips dan jawaban

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soal essay ips dan jawaban
soal essay ips dan jawaban

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