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Othello exam essay questions and answers

One major theme in Othello is revenge - Iago's revenge on Othello and Othello's revenge on Desdemona. They both believe death will bring justice. Iago's revenge is cooler, plotted out over time where Othello's is an act of heartbroken passion. Iago wears his lack of morals as a badge of honor where it is Othello's moral code that leads to his tragic end.

Brabantio, provoked by Roderigo, is enraged and will not rest until he has beheaded Othello, but he finds Othello's residence full of the Duke of Venice's guards, who prevent violence. News has arrived in Venice that the Turks are going to attack Cyprus ; therefore Othello is summoned to advise the senators. Brabantio has no option but to accompany Othello to the Duke's residence, where he accuses Othello of seducing Desdemona by witchcraft .

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over his military service. Shortly after the wedding, he was dispatched to Famagosta, the capital of Cyprus, to battle Turkish fo...

2. ‘The tragedy of a handkerchief.’ Is the play Othello as trivial as this comment implies?  (OCR 1999)

Iago, in Shakespeare’s Othello, is a deceiving character because he tells lies in order to get what he wants. He interacts with people only to manipulate them, but most importantly he never reveals his true feelings or motives. Iago might say things that suggest what his motive is, but he soon contradicts himself with another suggestion making it extremely difficult to understand him. Although Iago’s true motives cannot be determined, some motives could be jealousy, the enjoyment of seeing people suffer, or power.

The play Othello was written by William Shakespeare around 1604, and became one of the most popular plays throughout the 17th century. People have been fascinated by the works of Shakespeare throughout history and frequently use quotes from his works even today, this paper will present an overview of the final act of the play Othello.

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“In Shakespeare’s play Othello, we witness a profound inability to distinguish between appearances and reality”

Whilst it is true that his misplaced trust in "honest" Iago and the "ocular proof" of Desdemona's infidelity drive this play to its tragic end, initially Othello does not show any signs of jealousy and is fully...

The questions are in exam style and list an extract plus ... " Othello " exam questions for A'Level Language and Literature (no ... This is an example essay for ...

This section offers topics to help students figure out the impact of jealousy in the lives of various characters in Othello.

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Othello exam essay questions and answers

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Othello exam questions for A Level Language and Literature

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othello exam essay questions and answers
othello exam essay questions and answers

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