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Graduation speech principal

The 10 speeches are not ranked in any order . I have included videos and transcripts (where available) as well as my thoughts with each speech. My personal favorites are the ones by Steve Jobs , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Randy Pausch and Ellen Degeneres.

On June 15th, 2008, Stanford University uploaded a video of Oprah Winfrey giving a commencement address to the 2008 graduating class. As of May 2014, the video has gained over million views.

A few simple pointers to keep in mind about giving a high school graduation speech are...

  • Keep it short
  • Make it personal (share a school-related story)
  • Use humor
  • Leave your fellow students inspired

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Today we have the good feel factor that comes from knowing that we have done our best. We have achieved and qualified. We didn’t do it alone of course. All along the way we had the wonderful support of our families and the encouragement and help of our tutors. It’s likely that some of us took this for granted as only our due. Today, though, as mature and newly qualified adults, we recognise that without that back-up we could not have succeeded. So today I know my fellow students would like to join me in saying how much we appreciate all those who have helped make this day possible.

Free Graduation Speeches Good Evening Honored Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen and the Graduating Class of 2009.

Fifteen years ago, I sat in the same seats that you are sitting in today, both literally and figuratively. It was the first and only time I had been to the Frost Amphitheater until today. I don't remember a single word that any speaker said. So anything I say here today will likely have a short shelf life.

Chris (South Africa) said, “Brilliant suggestions, excellent, original model speeches which I have been using as MC and toastmaster. Makes my job so much easier; I am now actually looking forward to these events.”

That’s what a college education is about, according to him. It’s learning how to think, exercising some degree of control over your thoughts so you can choose what to pay attention to.

From Steve Jobs to Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut to John F. Kennedy, here are the speeches you wish you'd heard on your graduation day.

You can stick to one theme or combine several. You can also add quotations from famous people and writers to support your message. Whichever option you choose when you are writing a graduation speech, be sure to coordinate with your fellow presenters to guarantee that each of you is offering a unique perspective. 

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So let's take a look at what the world can throw at you - the good, the bad and the ugly - and let's face it, there is quite a bit of the bad and the ugly.

What is a Valedictorian or Graduation Speech?

Let's define this first, as this will assist in identifying what should make up such a speech.

A Valedictorian or Graduation Speech is

- A closing or farewell statement, address or oration, especially
one delivered at a graduation ceremony
- An oration or address spoken at commencement in American
colleges or seminaries by one of the graduating class.

Largest Graduation & Commencement Speech Collection ... Some of the most profound, inspirational and entertaining speeches, presented by the world’s leading ...

A commencement speech is less bound by the structure found in other forms of public address, like eulogies or wedding speeches. The speaker accordingly enjoys a unique freedom to express him or herself. Executive speechwriter Anthony Trendl writes

Ten years into collecting commencement speeches with inspirational words I am still going strong. There are so many wonderful speeches worth reading, now 200 of them in the Graduation Wisdom collection. Yet this truly just a fraction of the thousands of speeches delivered in the last decades. Therefore, from this perspective, every graduation speech well written is a gem. Now, some of the greatest graduation quotes are on images so you can pin, share, print, and put them on your graduate's virtual or analog wall.

See the new collection of graduation quotes images .

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane University (2009) : “Never follow anyone else’s path, unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path and by all means you should follow that. Don’t give advice, it will come back and bite you in the ass. Don’t take anyone’s advice. So my advice to you is to be true to yourself and everything will be fine.”

Graduation speech principal

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Top 10 Commencement Speeches | Inspirational Graduation.

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graduation speech principal
graduation speech principal

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