Process Analysis in Richard Selzer s Essay The Knife, The knife essay selzer

The knife essay selzer

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That last description intrigues me the most; it fits with Selzer’s wariness of the scalpel. Not only does the doctor fear his tool, but the body that he meant to heal. When our bodies fail us, they can feel foreign, treacherous. We expect doctors to make sense of the treachery, reclaim our bodies for us. But Selzer seems to fear our insides as much as we do.

I took a branch off the great oak tree that stood before me and began carving. Suddenly, the knife slipped off the fresh, smooth, moist wood and sliced into my leg for what seemed like an eternity. It hurt for what seemed like a decade, but was only a few seconds. After I realized what happened, I rushed down off the roof to get my mother. As I was climbing down from the roof, it began to pulse and hurt again. The wound was beginning to bleed profusely from the movement. Luckily, my mother was just leaving the house as I got down from the roof.

"It was Richard Selzer," according to Rita Charon , founder of the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, "who was among the first physicians to understand the power of writing and reading fiction within medicine. He helped to open up this whole territory to those of us who came after." [2] Proliferating programs, also known as Health Humanities; Medicine, Literature, and Society; Bioethics and Humanities,et al. [3] draw from the evolving canon of literature and medicine, [4] which is now used in 2/3 of the 171 medical schools in the United States, with Selzer's stories and essays being a mainstay of the curriculum.

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The sense of trespassing is keener now, heightened by the world’s
light illuminating the organs, their secret colors revealed a maroon
and salmon and yellow. The vista is sweetly vulnerable at this moment,
a kind of welcoming. An arc of the liver shines high and on
the right, like a dark sun. It laps over the pink sweep of the stomach,
from whose lower border the gauzy omentum is draped, and through
which veil one sees, sinuous, slow as just-fed snakes, the indolent
coils of the intestine.

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Mortal lessons: notes on the art of surgery/Richard Selzer ... One holds the knife as one holds the bow of a cello or a rulip-by the stem.

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Other writings: two collections of short stories (Rituals of Surgery, 1974; Imagine a Woman and Other Tales, 1990), the memoir Down from Troy: A Doctor Comes of Age (1992), and a book about his bout with Legionnaires’ Disease (Raising the Dead, 1993).

The knife essay selzer

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The Knife by Richard Selzer by Rhea Arora on Prezi


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the knife essay selzer
the knife essay selzer

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