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Makeup artist cover letter sample

Through my current work I have become an expert at giving facial as well as makeover consultations, and at explaining the features, advantages, and benefits of leading prestige beauty brands. I feel that all of these competencies make me an ideal candidate for your vacant position.  

I started my career with a local company in …………… and currently work for Northern Cosmetic Services. At work I am a good role model for junior members of the team and have been commended on numerous occasions by senior managers for my performance.

Becoming a makeup artist is very easy; you only need a training program on makeup and you can then start searching for jobs. But succeeding as a makeup artist demands very serious effort, especially at the beginning, when you’ve no experience. As an inexperienced makeup artist, you’ll find that only a course on makeup is not enough. This article will guide you through writing a beginner makeup artist resume. Read further to know the steps you should follow as a new makeup artist.

My background lies in providing outstanding service and satisfaction within the fashion, film, and music industries, as well as in general retail business environments. In my previous positions, my service level to high-end clients has resulted in a generous repeat and referral customer base. With my excellent communication skills and my sharp eye for detail, I am excited to extend my record of exceptional makeup artistry to your company and ensure optimal client experiences.

I’m writing this application for the post of makeup artist advertised on Dec 17, 2014 in “The Job Magazine”. I’ve three years of extensive experience as a makeup artist and want to work with a top class team in a beauty salon like yours.

Tuttle created makeup for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, among them Judy Garland (“Summer Stock”, 1950); Gene Kelly (“Singin’ in the Rain”, 1952); Katharine Hepburn (“Pat and Mike”, 1952) and Esther Williams (“Million Dollar Mermaid”, 1952). Eventually he worked his way up to head of the studio's makeup department,

This 10 piece Starter Kit contains everything you need to conceal major to minor skin imperfections on the face and body. The kit includes three shades of concealing cremes to custom match your skin tone plus a Color Corrector to lighten any shade or help cover tattoos. Waterproof, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, allergy tested, smudge-resistant and fragrance free. Goes on creamy smooth, spreads quickly, dries to a matte finish without any setting powder. Use for light touch-ups or for complete opaque coverage that looks natural. Smart Cover lasts until you take it off.

Many different kinds of enterprises will need a makeup artist, so make sure that you slant your cover letter towards the requirements of the particular industry advertising the position. For example, a makeup artist in an upmarket retail store will need to have customer service and sales skills, while a makeup artist in the theater or movie business needs to demonstrate a high level of creative flair teamed with the ability to work long and flexible hours. Research the industry advertising the position so that you can slant your cover letter accordingly.

There are two main categories of makeup artist. Cosmetic or fashion artists range from the clerk at the store makeup counter to the artist who prepares fashion models for photo shoots. The artist knows how to make the subject look her or his best, and understands the different effects required by lighting and digital photography. The fashion artist also works with designers to create a certain look for the model, such as emphasizing lip shape or cheekbones. Thanks to digital cameras, makeup artists are increasingly in demand for weddings, fashion shoots, fashion shows, corporate headshot photography, and other special events that will be photographed or recorded.

I have the ability to meet and succeed sales and quotas due to my past retail experience. I’ve got strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills. I am also goal-driven, with ability to multi-task and be a part of a team. 

Firstly, Maggie Richards, our camouflage expert, showed Julie how to apply a good base to make sure it lasts all day.  In doing this you need to apply our lighter neutralising concealers that blank out the tattoo’s colour and black outline. If this stage is not done properly you will find that the tattoo’s outline will start to bleed through and you will soon be able to see it again.

BBC One’s Taboo (directed by and starring Tom Hardy) shocked, compelled, repulsed and enthralled viewers. Learn how the dark and twisted characters of Taboo were created in this exclusive interview with make-up and prosthetics designer Erika Okvist as she discusses her work with trainee Stefanie Kemp. The two get into the nitty gritty (literally) of […]

Shortly after becoming a makeup artist, I read those words a client wrote on a review site and knew I had chosen the right career field. I strive to make the entire client experience extraordinary in every way, but nothing beats the mood-boosting confidence that clients display as they walk out of the salon.

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In Markle’s interview with the magazine, she mentions her excitement about getting to work with the wildly-acclaimed photographer Peter Lindbergh, who is known for his pared down style. The actress was delighted that “he rarely retouches and believes in such little makeup,” so it comes as no surprise that they turned to Greenwell and her light hand to handle the look.

I have been a MAC advocate since discovering these products in beauty school and would be honoured to work with you and promoting this great line of beauty supplies. I would appreciate an opportunity to show you why I am the MAC makeup artist to invigourate your brand and customers.

Makeup artist cover letter sample

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makeup artist cover letter sample
makeup artist cover letter sample

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