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The term "tropical cyclone" is a general term. In various places they have other local names such as "hurricane" and "typhoon". [1] A tropical cyclone that forms in the Atlantic is called a hurricane . [1] The same name is used for those that form in the eastern , central and northern Pacific . [2] In the western Pacific a tropical cyclone is called a typhoon . [2] In the Indian Ocean it is called a "cyclone".

Meteorologists have been using satellite images for monitoring storms for about thirty years. One of the most important applications in this endeavor is to determine the strength and intensity of a storm. In the late 1960’s, meteorolo­gists began observing tropical cyclones at more frequent intervals. The infrared sensors aboard polar orbiting satellites began providing day-and-night obser­vations while geo-stationary satellite provided the continuous coverage during day time.

The process of cyclone formation and intensification is described as Cyclogenesis. The formation of Extratropical cyclones comes as waves in large regions of enhanced midlatitude temperature contrasts which are called baroclinic zones. These zones contract to form weather fronts as the circulation of the cyclone closes and gets more intense. Later in their life cycle, cyclones form what is called an occluded front. The cyclone's track is then guided over the course of an 2 to 6 day life cycle by its steering flow of the polar or subtropical jetstream.

Because of the Coriolis effect , the wind flow around a large cyclone is counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. [17] In the Northern Hemisphere, the fastest winds relative to the surface of the Earth therefore occur on the eastern side of a northward-moving cyclone and on the northern side of a westward-moving one; the opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere. [18] In contrast to low pressure systems, the wind flow around high pressure systems are clockwise ( anticyclonic ) in the northern hemisphere, and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere.

As the name suggests, tropical cyclones and hurricanes occur in the world's tropics. They require the difference in speed of rotation of the Earth at different latitudes to gather momentum as they spin, and they can form either side of the equator.

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Cyclones rely on the circulation of Earth, so they form away from the equator. The effect of Earth spinning helps the whole system rotate.

The Navy is is gearing up for Humanitarian Assistance due to the formation of cyclonic storm 'Ockhi'. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been put on high alert.

There is no country that is immune from disaster, though vulnerability to disaster varies. There are four main types of disaster.

The information in this checklist was prepared by Emergency Management Australia in consultation with State/Territory Emergency Services to help protect you and your property.

When cyclone occurs, wind blows at great speed, often beyond 150 kilometers per hour. Tall trees, electric poles and towers are uprooted. Roofs are also blown away. It often causes high sea waves which rush at the sea shore. These sea waves often pass over many villages about 20 kms. Away from the sea. Houses are drowned. People are washed away and killed. Domestic animals and property are also washed away. Crops are completely damaged. In 1996 and 1997, a terrible cyclone occurred in Andhra Pradesh. Some villages were completely smashed in it.

The perimeter may measure 1,000 km but the powerhouse is located within the 100 kms radius. Nearer the eye, winds may hit 320 km ph. Tropical cyclones are intensifying swirls of cloud and rain which then progress into tropical storms. They spin clockwise in the northern Hemisphere and anti-clock wise in the southern hemisphere.

Cyclones are originated during the months January up to March, when the sun is already returning from the southern tropic in direction to the northern tropic; While the sun is positioned for a short time vertically in the sky above the equator, thus only passes it briefly, it spends more time in the area of the tropics, as the sun gets there, turns around and slowly returns . The consequence is that the air and water temperatures strongly increase.

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What are tropical cyclones? A tropical cyclone is the main term used for a low pressure system which gets its energy mainly from evaporation from the sea and condenses in clouds concentrated near its centre (Holland, 1993).

The cyclonic wind movements are anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. The cyclones are often characterised by existence of an anticyclone between two cyclones. Depending on their area of origin and principal tracks followed, the cyclones can be either tropical or temperate/extra-tropical.

There are benefits of flooding despite its immediate ill effects. For farmers and those in the agricultural sector, it helps them in the long run by providing nutrients to the soil that were lacking. This makes the soil more fertile and increases agricultural production. Nutrients are also added to rivers and lakes, improving the health of fishes that can be consumed. There may be relocation of fishes and organisms living in water bodies. This may improve the ecosystem . New predators and prey are introduced to areas, balancing the aquatic population.

Yasi showed signs of further intensification and at 4am on 2nd February and was upgraded to a marginal Category 5 system. Yasi maintained this intensity and its west-southwest movement, making landfall on the southern tropical coast near Mission Beach between midnight and 1am early on Thursday 3rd February. Being such a strong and large system, Yasi maintained a strong core with damaging winds and heavy rain, tracking westwards across northern Queensland and finally weakened to a tropical low near Mount Isa around 10pm on 3rd February.

Under the influence of an upper-air cyclonic circulation,a low-pressure area formed over the Andaman Sea on October 6. [4] It slowly consolidated and was upgraded to a depression by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on October 7. While over open waters, the depression continued to encounter a favorable environment, and a tropical cyclone formation alert (TCFA) was issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), followed by IMD upgrading the storm into a deep depression. [5] [6]

Cyclone in meteorology refers to any low pressure area with winds spiraling inwards. Cyclones rotate clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the ...

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cyclone essay wikipedia
cyclone essay wikipedia

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