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Westbury storage business plan

Since the demand for local self-storage services substantially exceeds the local supply, Westbury Storage will simultaneously market its services to the two major customer segments--residential customers and small business customers. The company will not pursue large business segment due to the limited service scope it can provide to such customers at the existing facilities.

Superior flat, deluxe flat and luxury king studio have modern décor along with a mini bar, satellite TV, climate control, a private safe and a sitting area. The rooms are appointed with en suite bathrooms and custom-made furniture.

The manager will work a normal 40 hour week at an annual salary of $35,000. A maintenance man will be employed at a salary of $24,000. A night watchman will be employed at a salary of $24,000.

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StorQuest Self Storage features flexible month-to-month rental options and a wide selection of affordable units to fit any budget. Sizes range from a small 5 by 5, similarly sized to a hall closet, to the popular 10 by 40 that’s perfectly sized to fit most furnishings. Still not sure which size to choose? Our storage experts will gladly walk you through the selection process to ensure we find the right size storage unit to fit your needs.

The mission of the principals is to serve the Long Island community's local residential and commercial storage and moving needs.

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This business plan describes a proposed self-storage facility to be established in Westbury, New York involving the conversion of an existing building. Total project costs are estimated at $1,054,487 including purchase price, conversion costs, and pre-opening expenses (see section on Start-up Summary). Based on current and projected strong demand for self-storage units, rental revenue is projected to grow rapidly as units fill up from the first year's target of $320,000 to $684,000 by year three.

The Business Property Network effective marketing strategy includes a high profile web presence, a bi-monthly bulletin to over 2300 business contacts and a strong referral network of property owners. And the best bit… commission is charged.

There are 2 superb restaurants offering contemporary dining, while The Gallery, with its view of Grafton Street, serves afternoon tea . The glamorous Marble Bar has a fine cocktail menu.

Market Analysis     1999 2000 2001 2002 2003   Potential Customers Growth           CAGR Commercial 5% 10,000 10,500 11,025 11,576 12,155 % Residential 5% 150,000 157,500 165,375 173,644 182,326 % Total % 160,000 168,000 176,400 185,220 194,481 %

Advertising and promotion will rely heavily ads in the Yellow Pages, as well as initial local newspaper ads at the time of opening. We are assuming three directories for Yellow Pages ads with 1/8th page ads costing £165/month each. The ads in the local papers ( Springfield News and community newspapers) are estimated to cost £300 monthly for the first year only. They will be reduced in the second year to half this amount and eliminated in the third year.

Trading with overseas companies, selling to overseas markets, and setting up overseas operations all require expert knowledge

General Assumptions   1999 2000 2001 Plan Month 1 2 3 Current Interest Rate % % % Long-term Interest Rate % % % Tax Rate % % % Other 0 0 0

All the staff at Rent A Space are amazing. The work they have done for all the local charities has been heart warming. The units are immaculate and the facilities are outstanding.

Westbury storage business plan

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Self-Storage Business Plan Sample - Management Summary.

Business plan template for storage units

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westbury storage business plan
westbury storage business plan

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