BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD INJURY - Shepherd Center, Case study 70 spinal cord injury

Case study 70 spinal cord injury

Figures 1-3 show a complex T3 burst fracture with almost complete retropulsion of the T3 vertebral body into the spinal canal. There is a severe kyphotic deformity at this level, and the canal is obliterated.

We are a recipient of a 2004 National Dissemination grant from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Undergraduate Education and has been cited as a source for model case studies by the National Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Case Examples
   Traumatic Brain Injury
   Cerebral Palsy
   Spinal Cord Injury

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Given the risk of paralysis associated with cervical transforaminal injection, is it time to reconsider transforaminal injections of the lumbar spine? Arguments for discontinuing lumbar injections have been discussed in the anesthesia literature, raising concern about the risks of epidural steroid injections (ESIs).

A patient with a gunshot wound to the spinal cord with an incomplete neurologic deficit presented to the emergency room where the neurologic examination revealed a combination of a central cord syndrome type injury and the Brown-Séquard Syndrome. It was speculated by the examining doctors that the Brown-Séquard portion of the syndrome was caused by compression of tracts within the spinal cord caused by the mass of the bullet and the central cord injury was produced by the kinetic energy of the bullet during penetration into the spinal canal. They conclude that with incomplete neurologic lesions following gunshot wounds the bullet be removed. [28]

This case study has been very useful to illustrate how to assess a spinal cord injury and to review the spinal nerves. I use this for my pre-nursing students.

Epidural stimulation enabled the man to achieve full weight-bearing standing with assistance provided only for balance for 4·25 min. The patient achieved this standing during stimulation using parameters identified as specific for standing while providing bilateral load-bearing proprioceptive input. We also noted locomotor-like patterns when stimulation parameters were optimised for stepping. Additionally, 7 months after implantation, the patient recovered supraspinal control of some leg movements, but only during epidural stimulation.

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A posterior cervical laminaplasty was performed, followed by an anterior C5-6 discectomy and fusion. Note the abundant room for the spinal cord on the postoperative sagittal MRI scan (Image F). Note the axial MRI scans at C4-5 and even at C5-6, which show abundant room for the spinal cord (Images G & H).

Sagittal T1, T2-weighted MR image of thoracic spine showing a relatively well defined cystic intramedullary lesion with hypointense on T1WI and hyperintense on T2WI.

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Case study 70 spinal cord injury

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Case Examples - Spinal Cord Injury Case - Paul M. Deutsch

Spinal Cord CASE STUDY - Spinal Cord Injury Case Study.

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case study 70 spinal cord injury
case study 70 spinal cord injury

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