lol my thesis, Lol my thesis tumblr

Lol my thesis tumblr

Lol My Thesis takes real, submitted theses and sums them up into one sentence. The results are absolutely hilarious. It goes to show just how preposterous sounding some of our ideas are, even if they are painstaking exploits, created on just coffee, red bull and weeks in the library. It’s nice to just laugh about something you have to take so seriously for months. If I summed up my senior thesis it would be “Lady Gaga’s career represents the American Dream to be talentless, skill-less, lazy and rich.”

“People don't care what their subway stop is called, so good thing I stood outside in the rain and asked them.” — Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania

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I am writing to thank you for sharing your thoughts over the years on the difficulty of performing gel electrophoresis, which I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Shingo Hisakawa, CEO of Toriningen Co., Ltd. of Tokyo at one of New York University's recent workshops in Shanghai last October 21.

When I’m freaking out about a grade for a research paper, because I took a completely unnecessary risk, and it’s either going to pay off, or totally screw me.

Even though I’m not yet in grad school and therefore have never written a Master’s thesis, I can relate. In a single semester of my dual-programme degree, I’ve usually written between 12,000-15,000 words spread across about a dozen papers.

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Frankel started it off with her own post on Dec. 9 : "I have killed so many fish." It was a progress report on her own senior thesis she's working on, which USA Today describes as "exploring zebrafish embryonic cardiogenesis as a way to assess how a particular gene regulates a group of progenitor cells that exist in normal heart development."

Did you know that, in addition to having assorted feelings on the internet, I have also been going to college for the past four years? Well, the one true motivation behind my education was to be on . I can leave now.

lol my thesis Single sample statistics: exercises in learning from just one example     Political Science, Middlebury College  “A critical investigation into the intra-group dynamics of Al Qaeda in Ir...

Some of them sound like studies I definitely want to read. And I imagine what the short copy for these theses would sound like if I rewrote their summaries with all the proper keywords and house style and whatnot. They would become more specific, searchable, and targeted to their audiences–but far less catchy! That is precisely why we write the secret internal-use-only handles for sales reps: we can’t publicly release summaries like these.

it’s unfortunate that it came down to this, but the days won’t get magically longer like I wish they would. I’m only human and there is so much I can juggle irl ^^”

From ‘Stand by Their Men’ to ‘The Whole Human Sisterhood’: Gender, Religion, and Power in the Ulster Unionist Movement

Through FAZ I discovered a blog containing twitter sentences describing the contents of a thesis in a funny, condensed way.

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Bear-ing Our Dæmons: Difference, Development, and the Non-Human Animal in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

The submissions from the sciences do not disappoint. For example, from a University of Maryland student of Biological Sciences: “We spent thousands of government dollars to create a mouse model for a disease only 32 people in the world have.” And a Science Writing student at . gives us this particularly impressive example of brevity: “Wolves + humans, the ultimate frenemies.” Not to be outdone, a Stem Cell Biology student at Harvard offers a grimly terse confessional: "I have killed so many fish."

In the fourteenth century, the English might have started thinking they were English. Then again… They might have not.

Lol my thesis tumblr

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lol my thesis

Lolmythesis Tumblr: College students summarize their.

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lol my thesis tumblr
lol my thesis tumblr

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