HOW TO ANSWER: What Are Your Salary Expectations?, Answering salary question in cover letter

Answering salary question in cover letter

Remember, your negotiating leverage goes way up once they’re convinced they can't live without you. Just keep in mind that even if you don’t give a range immediately, chances are the employer won’t toss your resume in the wastebasket, says interviewing expert Michael Neece. “Your resume has already proven that they want to talk to you. I’ve never known of a situation in which a prospective employee was eliminated from consideration after an interview because he or she refused to answer the question.”

And when the question does come up, be prepared to answer it well and with confidence by keeping these suggestions in mind.

 · How To Answer The Interview Question 'How Much Money ... the salary question can be a difficult topic to ... Discuss the salary range with the HR rep ...

It's hard not to panic when asked about salary during the interview and it'll inevitably come up during the interview process. How you choose to respond to salary questions with your prospective employer is a determining factor in the compensation package you'll be offered.

In this blog I am going to show you how to diplomatically deflect this question and postpone answering it, at least until salary negotiations reach a serious stage, if at all possible.

To start with let us know about all the tricky questions asked by the recruiters. Their salary expectations are not straight as they make it sound as if it is a big deal to be a part of the organization; however you need to make them realize just vice versa. Let’s take a look at a few questions.

“Be upfront with your interviewer,” Twersky said. “A firm that is seeking to hire the best person for the job needs to understand what you are all about. In any kind of relationship scenario, if expectations do not measure up, both sides end up regretting the better opportunities that passed them by. So it’s better to state what you need salary-wise and let the chips fall where they may.”

It can be tempting to fudge the numbers on your previous earnings. Will anyone know the difference if you round up? In fact, it is possible that employers will verify your compensation at previous job(s), so being truthful is essential.

Support your negotiation by presenting useful data:    Mentioning a salary is not the job done. To make it reasonable and acceptable for the employer, it is imperative that you present it thoughtfully and share the reasons for quoting a specific salary range with the employer. For instance, a fair description of job market analysis for the position, years of experience and location helps you support your facts. Believe it; companies are always open to offer the best packages provided you can prove your worth to them.

What I think : Just be HONEST about your current salary (and include all other pieces of your comp package) – but be sure to also discuss your salary expectations .

Here are a few ways to conduct your salary negotiation so that you avoid directly answering the salary history question.

On a paper application form—or if the online form allows you to type in whatever you want—you can write “Negotiable.” This gives you the opportunity to discuss your salary history and expectations later.

For candidates who have previously earned a salary these are the guidelines when responding to the salary interview question:

If a recruitment consultant asks you this, then I would advise you be as open as possible. They will give you advice on the market rate for your skills and will often do the negotiating for you when you get offered a role. They need to know where your expectations are, so not to waste your time with lower paid jobs in the future.

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If you can delay discussions about salary, or keep them vague, until an employer wants to hire you, you can often get an offer without providing detailed salary information at all. If hiring managers do not have that information, they will be forced to base their offer on your market value rather than your current salary.

Answering the consequential salary expectations question the wrong way can cost you a job offer. It can also put you in an untenable situation by forcing you to consider a job at a less-than-desirable salary.  After all, in some circumstances, the only thing worse than failing to get a job offer after an interview, is failing to get an offer that’s sufficient to support you and/or your family.

Too high and you can kiss the position goodbye. Too low and you let the employer know that you don’t really value your work. They might even think that your contribution won’t be as good as the person who puts a higher value on their work.

It's a trap, argues Ramit Sethi , the bestselling personal-finance writer and teacher. In a recent episode of "The Tim Ferriss Show" podcast , Ferriss highlights several of Sethi's lessons that are hosted on CreativeLive , an online classroom company Ferriss works with.

Please comment from the other direction that we are seeing in today’s job market. ., you are applying for a job that is in a lower salary level than you had because jobs are so few and far between. If you provide your last (high) salary, you could be eliminated for because you are too senior and expensive for the role.

The short answer to your question is that you should include in your job application as high a salary requirement as you can reasonably justify. I’ll explain the “why” in a minute—but first, let’s talk about the “how.”

Answering salary question in cover letter

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How to Answer Salary Questions in Your Interview

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answering salary question in cover letter
answering salary question in cover letter

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