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Favorite fashion designer essay

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Then there’s the personality aspect. So many of today’s style blogs are either over-styled, serious, or too similar. Honestly, how many “I’m hailing a cab in Céline” or “I’m eating ice cream while wearing a thousand bracelets” photos can we see? Fashion vloggers on the other hand are bubbly, happy, and inclusive—their goal probably isn’t to sit front row at New York Fashion Week—and that likely translates to their audiences.

John Galliano has created the most spectacular fashion shows of our time. Since his 1984 degree collection, Les Incroyables, which metamorphosed his London art school into a French Revolutionary street scene, he has transported his privileged audiences to more exotic and sartorially blessed places than they could possibly have imagined or experienced.

An outsider to the French Court, Marie Antoinette relied on Bertin's meticulous designs to help her "to combat her enemies with style".[1] Marie Antoinette's unique fashion preferences such as masculine riding breeches or simple muslin shift dressed, contrasted sharply with her elaborate gowns as the Queen attempted to create a persona that would allow the citizens of France to connect with her and her lifestyle. Although Marie Antoinette's attempts were largely unsuccessful, the ways Bertin helped the Queen articulate herself through fashion were groundbreaking and set a precedent for monarchs who followed. [2]

Instead of a consistent color scheme, Litke makes great use of all the hues life has to offer.  From pale blues and beiges to statement plaids of various reds, greens and yellows, they give women the option to spice up their outfits even if they opt for a simple cream and ruffled top.  With a doll-like presentation, some of our favorites were the ivory dresses cut to interesting, unorthodox shapes.  It is truly like finding the perfect summer dress without getting fashion boredom.

Born in January of 1905, this French designer was best known for his distinctive “New Look” silhouette. First shown in 1947; his suits and dresses revolutionized the way women dressed after the Second World War. Today, talented designer John Galliano carries on the legendary designer’s legacy in Paris, where he creates dramatic couture ball gowns, chic prêt-a-porter, and luxurious accessories for Dior. Galliano’s talent and his over-the-top runway shows have ensured that the brand remains strong and viable in today’s world…

Angelina's the type to invest in a trusty Everlane loafer or Chloé ballet flats for her trips, rather than a pointy-toed heel. This makes sense given how much she travels for work and with her children. So, which exact brands does Angelina invest in? We dug a little deeper to find out and came away with eight labels that Angelina seems to love.

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The invitation is from the impeccable (and inherently fashionable) Indira Gumarova, the wife of Czech ambassador to the United States, Hynek Kmoníček, and the party is for none other than Gumarova’s close friend and Mrs. Trump’s favorite shoe designer: The world-renowned Manolo Blahnik of Czech and Spanish descent.

I love talking about clothes... especially classics. If I had the money to spend to get the best material for my dress shirts, blasers, trousers, and shoes I'd totally spend the money.

The one place their artistic dresses can be found is on the Hollywood red carpet. Ralph Lauren said, I don't design clothes. I design dreams. They are the world’s most beloved fashion designers and their dresses are most sought after by women.

Favorite fashion designer essay

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favorite fashion designer essay
favorite fashion designer essay

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