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Parent workshop homework help

Power struggles can occur over just about anything. Some typical conflict arenas are bedtime, getting out the door, food, chores, getting dressed, homework and use of electronics. Battling with children creates anger, resentment, distance and rebellion. It is always lose-lose. Most parents are missing some necessary tools for getting things done without going to battle with their child. This workshop provides parents with the necessary ingredients for understanding the dynamics of power struggles, preventing power struggles, and redirecting them. In this fun and entertaining workshop, you will learn:

Having a child diagnosed with a learning disability can be overwhelming and isolating. This   Parent Online LD Workshop incorporates video clips and short readings. 

Licensed Long Island, NY Based Professional ADHD Coach, Parent Trainer and Educator. Serving clients in Nassau County, Western Suffolk County, Long Island, and Manhattan, as well as Nationwide via our ADHD webinar workshops . Especially convenient to: Massapequa, Merrick, Roslyn, Jericho/Muttontown, & Manhasset. ADHD Coaching Sitemap

Children who spend more time on homework, on average, do better academically than children who don't, and the academic benefits of homework increase in the upper grades, according to Helping Your Child With Homework , a handbook by the Office of Education Research and Improvement in the . Department of Education. The handbook offers ideas for helping children finish homework assignments successfully and answers questions that parents and people who care for elementary and junior high school students often ask about homework.

When your child would rather be hanging out with friends, homework can be the ultimate drag. But those extra minutes and hours logged at home can help your kid get a leg up in the classroom. Here, the case for homework and how to help your kid succeed.

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Homework is often a source of conflict between parents and children, teachers and children, and sometimes even parents and teachers. This workshop will encourage conversations between the teacher at your school that will result in better alignment of your school’s homework policies. Parents will benefit from this workshop by learning methods to help promote independence and time management skills in their children. The increase of communication between your school faculty and parents regarding homework will help increase the value of the work sent home.

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For parents of children ages 12 and up
Learn how to keep the lines of communication open through development of encouragement and listening skills.

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Parent workshop homework help

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parent workshop homework help
parent workshop homework help

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