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Big bang theory essay questions

After the expansion noted initially, the universe then cooled sufficiently thus allowing the subatomic particles formation which included neutrons, electrons and protons. According to the theory, the universe was formed in ‘singularity’. There is no clear explanation on what ‘singularity’ is or where comes from.

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2. From this most simple cosmology we find simple sensible explanations to the many problems of the big bang theory of cosmology .

According to most astrophysicists, all the matter found in the universe today -- including the matter in people, plants, animals, the earth, stars, and galaxies

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The highly heated debate and discussion about how our universe and earth began has been going on for many centuries. In the old days many people believed that God created the universe. They even believed that the planets and the sun revolved around the earth. With today's technology scientists scientist have been able to explore our outer world. In their research some scientists scientist have begun to believe that the universe was created not by a God or a divine force but by a big explosion called the Big Bang Theory.

An isotropic inflation of our Universe ends at 10-35 second that was almost perfectly smooth. If it were not for a slight fluctuation in the density distribution of matter, theorists contend, galaxies would have been unable to form (Parker). The universe at this point was ionized plasma where matter and radiation were inseparable...
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Big bang theory essay questions

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big bang theory essay questions
big bang theory essay questions

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