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Mobile coffee cart business plan

Obtain a food service license from the appropriate state office – the entity regulating food service varies by state. For example, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development provides food service licenses in that state; the fee is $137 for a mobile food service license, as of June 2011.

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The Big Coffee are passionate about coffee carts, kiosks, machines and vehicle conversions. We love coffee and find nothing more exciting then supporting new businesses thrive in the mobile coffee trade.

With a minimum space requirement of 2m x 2m and a household 13Amp power point, we can start bringing smiles to your guests. Our setup includes all that’s necessary to make a good cup of coffee. We even clean our milk pitchers after every use on the spot with an integrated water discharge system.

Mocha, White Mocha, Magic Mocha, Latte, Breve, Chai, Americano, Hot Chocolate, Ice Blended Mocha, Vanilla Bean, Italian Soda, Smoothies, Coffee, Hot and Iced Tea.

RACoffee Academy offers a host of courses designed for all coffee lovers, from the basics through to professional barista skills. Let us teach you, in a fun environment, the science and art of making the perfect cup of coffee.

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A catering truck enables a vendor to sell a larger volume than a cart and to reach a larger market. The service is similar; the truck carries a stock of prepared foods that customers can buy. Ice cream vans are a familiar example of a catering truck in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom .

You can hire our mobile coffee vans, trikes or coffee bars for any event or function from a press or product launch, to corporate events or private parties. We are great at branding so let us help promote and boost your business profile! 

Add a built-in multiple level glass pastry case for product display. Pastry case may have lighting and a glass countertop viewing window if desired.

HashMugs - the World's First Personalized Augmented Reality Coffee Mug and App - 12oz, 100% ceramic, dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect holidays gift …

A stylish indoor Coffee Cart with built-in milk fridge, water tanks (80 litre total) and elegant laminated feature panels.



Organising events and functions can be complicated, but with Coffee Cart Hire, you’re in safe hands – we’ll take care of your beverages.

Mobile coffee cart business plan

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mobile coffee cart business plan
mobile coffee cart business plan

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