How to Write Your MFA Thesis in Fine Art (And Beyond., Mfa painting thesis

Mfa painting thesis

Applicants must be committed to extended international study and the practice of painting. Graduate students spend three months of each academic year in Dusseldorf engaging in intensive studio work, research, and professional practices. The program encourages a diversity of approaches within the unique language of painting, and fosters critical dialogue addressing contemporary global perspectives.

Our talented and experienced faculty of actively exhibiting artists will help you develop the skills to bring your artistic vision to life . To broaden your opportunities for artistic input, we bring nationally and internationally recognized visiting artists to campus through our artist-in-residence program.

11 am    Coffee and pastries at the Depot, 814 W. Broad Street
11:30 am    Welcome
12:00 – 2:00 pm    Department visits
2:00 – 3:00 pm    Graduate student open studios

The Master of Fine Arts in Painting program encourages students to generate paintings, drawings, and prints as a way to develop and practice new techniques and explore ideas and images. Considering works by contemporary and past painters challenges students to adhere to the highest standards as they develop a personal artistic sensibility within a unique body of work. Professors provide guidance and feedback during individual and group critiques. Two extensive group critiques per semester, midyear reviews, and individual critiques with visiting artists offer additional opportunities for student work evaluation.

Additional financial support comes in the form of teaching assignments upon completion of a semester-long teaching mentorship under Faculty supervision. The department also offers a host of jobs supporting its operations. Both opportunities are contingent on experience, expertise and position availability.

MFA candidates work in dedicated Painting studios in close proximity to grad students in other fine arts majors. This fosters informal support and a virtually nonstop exchange of ideas among peers – an ongoing dialogue informed by critical feedback from professors, visiting artists, critics and curators via individual and group critiques.

“The Surrealistic Art of Phyllis Hutchinson Montrose: Modern Art, Minor History, and Gender in the American West” by Stefani Shulte, 2013

Visiting Artists and Critics:  John Yau •  Barry Schwabsky • Lauren Ross •  Kate McNamara • Stephen Maine • Omar Lopez-Chahoud • Joe Armheim • Ken Johnson • Saul Ostrow • Karen Archey • Karen Wilkin • Alexi Worth • Stephen Ellis • Lauren O'Neill-Butler • Christian Viveros-Fauné • Regine Basha • Faye Hirsch • Holly Block • Jen Mazza • Yael Kanarek • Deborah Mesa-Pelly • Dread Scott • Sara Reisman • Carrie Moyer • Ben Davis • Walter Robinson • Rujeko Hockley • Piper Marshall

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Any student applying to the school must have an exceptional undergraduate record as well as a complete body of work for presentation. This is further followed by an essay and recommendations. The complete process for an applicant requires great preparation and the process must be completed in accordance with strict guidelines established by the school. [2]

* Students may choose any combination of the following fine art studio major courses: Painting (FNAS-603), Non-toxic Printmaking (FNAS-602), Sculpture (FNAS-604), or Expanded Forms (FNAS-601).

The concentration supports student work through a broad range of material and conceptual approaches to studio practices in both painting and drawing. In the past, students have experimented and extended traditional pictorial research through process-oriented installations that include time-based approaches, new media and digital technologies.

The MFA program at PAFA is an intensive, two-year experience that focuses on studio practice and individual artistic development. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and welcomes students working in a variety of media with a wide range of interests. Through seminars, studio classes, critiques, and visiting artist lectures, students are exposed to diverse viewpoints and approaches to art making. The program fosters a strong sense of community and students are both supported and challenged by their peers and faculty. The MFA program enables students to become independent, critical thinkers and makers who are engaged members of their artistic communities.

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All of the School of Art studios and classrooms are located under one roof in the Center for the Visual Arts, which had its grand opening in 2016.

Art and Design students at Purdue have the advantage of extensive campus resources and may participate in a wide variety of educational, cultural, and social events. In addition to the museums and galleries available in the Greater Lafayette area , Purdue provides convenient access to the fine arts resources of two major cities: Chicago , 123 miles to the north, and Indianapolis , 60 miles to the south.

The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art’s annual Master of Fine Arts Exhibition marks the culmination of a three-year degree program in the visual arts that fosters individual research and creative studio practice. Students in the program focus on a particular area of study and complete a mature body of work in their chosen field – art work is situated within the discourse of contemporary art practice.

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Thank you for making this public! I enjoy writing, but “written thesis” is so daunting, especially without any sort of guidelines. I feel empowered.

The project follows as a result of the candidate’s thesis proposal as a unique body of artwork, demonstrating the capacity to push the limits of what is possible in the multi-­‐faceted realms of the visual arts. It will be understood and evaluated within the terms that you yourself define. This definition comes from your written proposal as well as your thesis statement (which are due in mid-­‐ November and mid-­‐March respectively). They are meant to direct and define the goals and terms, which render your work significant.

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Mfa painting thesis

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mfa painting thesis
mfa painting thesis

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