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Digital media thesis topics

The courses listed on this page give a general idea about the courses offered by the School of Literature, Media and Communication (LMC).All courses are three credit hours, unless otherwise specified.

We prepare highly-qualified, sought-after, and technologically-savvy project managers who exceed the expectations of their clients. Students who enroll in this program will gain competencies in various graphic-related technologies that support the digitization of graphic and text content with a broad background in leadership and supervision. Much of the curriculum is devoted using digital-media-oriented information technology that impacts the communication workflow.

Students are invited to repeat the same Project studio for all four semesters of the program and to do their Masters Project/Thesis in a related area. Please note that all MS students are required to take two (2) sections of LMC 6650 , each for 3 credit hours.

Out of love for common sense and the desire to see it applied, the following propositions will be discussed at various conferences, under the presidency of Lee Aase, Bachelor of Science, and Chancellor of Social Media University, Global. Wherefore he requests that those who are unable to be present and debate orally with us, may do so by comment, Tweet or blog post.


There are career possibilities in a variety of fields; ranging from media and web development, computer games, digital media industries and digital. All these fields are available for interested people to explore the various pathways provided by a masters degree in digital media. Some of the career opportunities for masters in the degree program include: website design, digital visual effects production, post production supervision, and digital post production.

Ling Zhang, Sound Images, Acoustic Culture, and the Transmediality in 1920s-1940s Chinese Cinema (Cinema and Media Studies, Spring 2017)

Companies of all sizes and industries need creative thinkers to help them build and disseminate compelling digital stories for marketing, messaging, and entertainment. Employment projections vary for each concentration, but demand and reward for UI professionals and social media experts continues to expand at an above-average pace.

​This coursework has helped me become a stronger developer of digital and print media. It has helped me become a more agile and creative problem solver.​

The urge for digital rhetoric to be introduced to classrooms is the fact that in the era of Web , quite a proportion of school managements and instructors stick to the traditional rhetoric and resist the pervasiveness of technology. For the first time, the knowledge taught at and the methods employed by the academia are far behind the social and cultural advancement, rather than leading it. As Clark (2010) argues, "...the traditional essayistic literacy ... needs to be replaced by an intentional pedagogy of digital rhetoric that emphasizes the civic importance of education...". [7]

ProQuest increases the visibility of dissertations or theses through our dedicated platform, which is accessed by more than 3,000 institutions worldwide and surfaced in the path of researchers by leading academic indexes and databases.

For students considering a career change into digital media, the four ALIGN courses provide students a rigorous bridge that can help students connect their current background to a new digital media path. Courses focus on visual communications foundations, programming foundations, and web creation.

In the second year, D+M students research specific areas of interest, including new forms of sensing and physical interface production, experimental games, augmented reality, motion graphics, electronic music and sound arts, hybrid architectural/media environments, experimental industrial design, wearable computing, digitally articulated sculpture and responsive environments. Overall, the thesis project should hybridize, redefine and rearticulate form and meaning in the digital arts.

In 1994, digital libraries became popular due to the $ million that the . federal funded among six universities for research [7] . The universities included Carnegie Mellon University , University of California-Berkeley , University of Michigan , University of Illinois , University of California-Santa Barbara , and the Stanford University .

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Applicants may only apply to one program. All documents submitted by you or on your behalf in support of this application for admission to Drexel University become the property of the University, and will under no circumstances be released to you or any other party. Please note, an application fee of $65 . is required.

The Master of Digital Media program caters well to students with an entrepreneurial vision. In addition to developing their business skills, they also hone their abilities to pitch, seek the right partners and investors, and manage resources. We offer pitched project and ‘venture internship’ options to help you create and launch a new business with a new digital media product.  

Digital media thesis topics

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PhD in Digital Media – Digital Media Program

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media.

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digital media thesis topics
digital media thesis topics

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