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In the arms section are displayed old swords, spikes, daggers, helmets, bows and arrows and other weapons of war. There is a model of a battle scene in a glass case.

You SHOULD DO following thing while taking IELTS Listening Test
You SHOULD DO following thing while taking IELTS Listening Test

It is very big museum. Its building has many rooms. These rooms are neat and clean. The exhibits are properly arranged. The collection of the museum is made up of different objects collected from various parts of the country. They represent every branch of science, arts, history and folk arts.

 · The Lahore Central Museum is situated near the Town Hall. In front of it runs the Grand Trunk Road, and opposite to it stands the University hall with its ...

Those who argue that museums should be free typically make one of two arguments. The first argument is that institutions like museums are a public service and therefore there should be free access to the man in the street. If, for example, there was a charge only the wealthy could afford to enjoy works of art. The second, and related, argument is that if they did levy a charge fewer people would go to museums. This would be serious as they are educational institutions and standards would fall.

Essentially: put the object into the context of ancient Egyptian culture and discuss essential aspects of ancient Egypt it reflects.

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The English "museum" comes from the Latin word, and is pluralized as "museums" (or rarely, "musea"). It is originally from the Ancient Greek Μουσεῖον ( Mouseion ), which denotes a place or temple dedicated to the Muses (the patron divinities in Greek mythology of the arts), and hence a building set apart for study and the arts, [3] especially the Musaeum (institute) for philosophy and research at Alexandria by Ptolemy I Soter about 280 BC. [4] The first museum/ library is considered to be the one of Plato in Athens . [5]

At the time of my visit, a huge section of the museum was devoted to exhibiting toys of previous years. There were tops, toy cars, marbles, airplanes and even a whole collection of Barbie dolls from various decades. It struck me that the toys of today are nothing like what Mother and Father played with when they were children. I tried to spin a top at one corner of the room but it was not as easy as I thought. There was a special way to throw the top so that it would not land on its side. After several tedious and frustrating tries, I beamed with pride to watch the top spinning on its pin.

The cornerstone of the present museum building was laid by Jawaharlal Nehru , the then Prime Minister of India, on 12 May 1955, and the building formally opened to the public on 18 December 1960.

The Keeping History Center , an ongoing exhibition, presents the Museum’s ideas and collections in an interactive, digital visitor experience. The Center occupies a 2,200-square-foot (200 m 2 ) area that has panoramic views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty . The Center features Voices of Liberty , a soundscape of diverse voices responding to arriving in America for the first time, including Holocaust survivors, Soviet refuseniks , and others. The Center also contains a virtual exploration of Andy Goldsworthy’s Garden of Stones , called "Timekeeper."

Museums should involve the community by conserving their heritage and through custom management, but more involvement can be achieved not only by moving closer to the people, but also by engaging in a partnership with them in the heritage programs. Also this can be more achieved for the benefit of both of them by urging the communities to display their heritage through donation of artifact collections, engaging in community projects, performing art, and exhibitions in the museum halls. The community is the mine from which the museum seeks to get information and supporting evidence and must therefore be soothed with concern and developmental initiatives.

Essay museum

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essay museum
essay museum

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