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Honors thesis submission form

9. In 4-6 weeks you will receive an email notifying you when your thesis has been accepted and is available online at W&M Publish.

The Honors Thesis or Project manuscript and any affiliated artifacts must be submitted to the Honors College for students to qualify for Commonwealth Honors College credentials. The manuscript must be accompanied by a completed " Honors Thesis/Project Completion Form " or " Honors Thesis/Project Seminar Completion Form ." Approved manuscripts and materials will be forwarded to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Archives for permanent inclusion in the collection of undergraduate honors research.

Be sure that your honors thesis or project is ready for public distribution upon submission because authors do not have an opportunity to approve submissions prior to them becoming publicly available on the site.

If you do not fully meet these criteria, you may petition the Honors Committee to consider other evidence of academic accomplishments, such as significant project work completed in collaboration with a faculty member. One or more letters of recommendation from faculty should accompany such a petition, which may be referred to the Concentration Committee for a final decision.

Spring 2018 Thesis/Creative Project Deadlines                                                                                                

Special opportunities for undergraduate research are available, including funds, accolades, conferences, and scholarly journals that might publish your findings. Some UF examples include the  University Scholars Program , the Science for Life program, and the McNair Scholars program. 

The student should choose a topic of their own accord.  When choosing a topic, the student should keep in mind the ability to find primary and secondary sources on their topic at the University of Arizona and the ability to find a suitable advisor.  A portion of the first semester of honors thesis work is expected to be dedicated to doing research on a general topic in order to refine the specific topic of the thesis.

Whether the intended end result is a thesis or project, each begins with creative inquiry and systematic research, includes documentation of substantive scholarly effort, and each culminates in an oral defense or other form of public presentation.

Non-electronic portions of your thesis should be scanned and included as part of your PDF. Scanners are available at the University computer labs in Coffman Memorial Union, Humphrey Center, McNeal Hall, and Walter Library.

All students with an upper division GPA of , graduate with honors. To graduate magna cum laude (high honors) or summa cum laude (highest honors), students must complete an honors thesis and have an upper division GPA of and respectively. The thesis is a written report of a research project or creative work in teaching, research or extension. No honors coursework is required to graduate with these designations.

You must make an "A" or "B" in the course and complete your designated work in order to receive credit. Once your form is turned in, no further action is required on the part of the student. The Honors College office will contact your professor at the end of the semester to see if you have completed your contract, and then you will receive an honors designation on the course within 1-2 months after the end of the semester. There are additional rules for contracting printed on the form itself.

 · Congratulations on completing your Honors senior thesis! The Honors Program would like to recognize the significance your scholarship by making it ...

Seniors have the option to use a correctly formatted thesis template which includes required elements such as the title page, certificate of approval, table of contents, etc. The template is not required; it is designed to facilitate proper formatting and pagination.

Honors thesis submission form

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honors thesis submission form
honors thesis submission form

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