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Example of care plan essay

Care planning is an effective tool to assist in care coordination and managing patients with special health care needs. Patients with FASDs and their families often require multiple providers and partners to assist in their management. As such, employing care plan development and maintenance can assist primary care providers in combining necessary information into one document.

Essential Components of Medical Home Care Plan/Portable Medical Summary

Create a client database using assessment techniques and data collection methods (physical assessment, health history, interview, medical records review, diagnostic studies). A client database includes all the health information gathered. In this step, the nurse can identify the related or risk factors and defining characteristics that can be used to formulate a nursing diagnosis. Some agencies or nursing schools have their own assessment formats you can use.

Think of your self-care plan as a roadmap -- with planned vehicle maintenance, travel activities and rest stops along the way.

The exact format for a nursing care plan varies slightly from place to place. They are generally organized by four categories: nursing diagnoses or problem list; goals and outcome criteria; nursing orders; and evaluation.

In nursing school, there is probably no more hated class assignment than the nursing care plan. They’re assigned for every type of class, for intensive care ...

Now:  Jane suffered a fall and broke her hip prior to coming into the home.  She has lost confidence and is worried about falling is fully recovered from her hip joint repair and is fully uses one walking some days she finds it difficulty to initiate walking which she finds very frustrating.

The Patient Care Plan Template is a document that mentions almost everything that a patient and the family need to do in order to ensure faster recovery of the impacted person. Following a proper routine or detailed chart for the entire day helps the patient to stay relaxed and ensure that he/she only eat, perform, or rest as per the mentioned timelines for recovering fast.

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How to use this tool: This tool includes examples of interventions that may be considered for specific fall risk factors. These should be tailored to meet the needs of your patient. The original care plan was completed for patients with any of the following:

Once the risk assessment is complete, all identified risk factors or skin concerns should be brought forward to the plan of care. Now it’s time to determine the goal. Ensure the goal is measurable; for example, “The skin will remain intact during the patient’s stay” or “The pressure ulcer on the coccyx will show signs of healing, such as a decrease in dimension size and filling in of the wound base in 2 weeks.”

Nursing homes are required to submit this information to the federal government. This information is used for quality measures, nursing home payment, and state inspections.

When I was in nursing school I bought some books to help me with nursing care plans. Care plans take practice but once you catch on they are a piece of cake. Here are the books I recommend on using to help you with your nursing care plans. I believe they are the best books for nursing care plans. The first one is called “ Nursing Care Planning Made Incredibly Easy! ” It is like one of those “made for dummies” books. Here is a picture of it and you can find it on for less than $25.

Example of care plan essay

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Writing Good Care Plans - Core Care Standards

What Is A Nursing Care Plan and Why is it Needed?

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example of care plan essay
example of care plan essay

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