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School homework timetable template

Parents can play a significant role with this by listening to your child read, asking them questions about their book and helping them find the meaning of words they don’t know. Could we ask that you support this by signing the reading record in the pupils planner to show the reading has been completed.

The timetable lists the day homework is set and we ask students to negotiate with their subject teachers a suitable hand in date to help spread their homework load.  Staff are asked to avoid setting homework for handing in on the next day as we appreciate that students have other extra-curricular involvement.   Remember the timetable is a framework for staff and students and there may be a need for occasional flexibility. All homework tasks should be listed on our Show My Homework site.  As always please contact us if you feel your son/daughter is regularly receiving either too much or too little homework.

Trust us – we understand how difficult it is to keep on track, particularly with so many games, new video games and activities going around us. That’s why you need these templates in your life. Ditch that One Note and Word table, and download our homework schedule sample templates for some free or premium and paid choices!

A supervised study support area is also available at 3pm for students wishing to complete homework before travelling home. The Library opens at 8am and closes at 4pm, with a Homework Club available three days a week.

All homework is available on-line; to see what has been set please see the  ‘ Show my homework ’ link.

Reading Homework The importance of personal and independent reading is essential in developing the literacy skills of our pupils. For this reason we have allocated ...

Daily homework helps your child to consolidate what they have learned in class and develop it further through a range of interesting activities. The amount of homework set will vary on your child’s age. If you’d like to discuss any aspect of homework, your child’s form tutor will be delighted to answer your queries.

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School homework timetable template

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school homework timetable template
school homework timetable template

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