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Cómo hacer un essay en ingles

Evidence may suggest that the interest for matrimony is rapidly decreasing as the new generations are growing and reaching the age for getting married. However, the number of weddings celebrated worldwide during last year has been almost the same than there were ten years ago. It is a very strong point for supporting the claim of those who still believe in the relevance of marriage nowadays.

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People have several arguments against the need for degrees. They say that having so many graduates devalues a degree. People lose respect for the degree holder. It is also claimed that education has become a rat race, since graduates have to compete for jobs even after years of studying. Another point is that studying for such a long time leads to learners becoming inflexible. By that I mean that they know a lot about one narrow subject, but are unable to apply their skills. Employers, on the other hand, prefer more flexible and adaptable workers.

Some experts claim that this situation could have awful drawbacks for our planet. For instance, many animals are wiped out due to the destruction of the rainforest and fish supplies are depleted owing to overfishing .   

Finally, if you are having problem thinking about an introduction, leave some space (enough for three or four sentences) and write or type it later – AFTER you write the body or conclusion.

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There are some things you should take into account before writing. Two things you need to think about are register and format . They will be assessed as communicative achievement. 

Cómo hacer un essay en ingles

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como se hace un essay en ingles.

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cómo hacer un essay en ingles
cómo hacer un essay en ingles

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