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Essay spring season hindi

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East Indian Hindu (Bengali and Mithila which too starts its new year from Mesh Sankranti, in fact, Nepali and Assamese and Odia Hindus too do the same, the season names are in all other in Sanskrit Vasanta, Grisma, Varsha, Sharada, Hemanta, Sisira) calendar. The Bengali Calendar is similar to the Sanskrit calendar above, but differs in start and end times which moves certain dates/days around (., Vasant Panchami occurs here in Vasant ritu but in the calendar above, it occurs in Shishir as that is the Magha Shukla Panchami). The East Indian Calendar has the following seasons or ritus:

When it is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere , it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere . When it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere. On the Equator, autumn is very much like spring, with little difference in temperature or in weather. Autumn is a time when most animals are looking for food so they can store up for winter, because they soon will be going into hibernation . The weather gets colder and more windy. In Autumn the hours of daylight and the hours of night are the same. In autumn the weather changes all the time. The weather turns cooler and often windy and rainy.

We see new and tender leaves which come out in the branches of the trees. The birds remain silent throughout the winter season. But as soon as the spring comes, they break their silence and start singing sweet songs. They look so gay that it seems as if they are thanking to God with their thousands of notes.

Spring is the season of joy. Green plants are there in the fields. The earth looks green with its plants and flowers. Spring is neither hot nor cold. It is very good for health. The cuckoo is mad with joy there is no cold wind. Days and nights are neither too long nor too short. I hate the cold wind of winter. I do not like the hot sun of summer. I dislike mud and dirt caused by the rains. So spring is my favorite season.

Spring comes after winter season in the months of March, April and May in India. This season ends in the form of summer season. Spring starts in the month of March and ends in the month of May in India. In some parts of the India, people do not fully enjoy this season because of the warm atmosphere. Temperature becomes very normal, not too cold like winter and not too hot like summer during the whole spring however at the end it starts warming slowly. At night, weather becomes more pleasant and comfortable.

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The days of the spring season are very pleasant. Spring is neither hot nor cold. The temperature remain at moderate levels. It is very delightful. It is good for health.

In India, Vasanta is not a national holiday . However, it is celebrated in North and Eastern India. Students participate in the decoration and preparation of their place of worship. A few weeks before the celebration, schools become active in organizing various annual competitions of music, debate, sports and other activities. Prizes are distributed on the day of Vasanta Panchami . Many schools organize cultural activities in the evening of the Saraswati Puja day when parents and other community members attend the functions to encourage the children.

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The birds were silent in winter. Now they sing songs. They thank God with thousands of notes. Nature gives a grand feast to our hungry eyes.

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Essay spring season hindi

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Very Short Essay on Spring Season - Important India

Essay on Spring Season for Children and Students

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essay spring season hindi
essay spring season hindi

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