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Our research and consultancy covers a wide range of social science theories, and management concepts and practices. We also sit on editorial boards of leading international journals on management and social science research.

An EThOS Toolkit   provides guidance and information about e-theses repositories, copyright and IPR issues, repository software and other areas, to help ensure a high level of visibility of UK thesis content.

When you are essentially to manipulate your thesisdissertation please bring the next documents to your place of academic in either Man or Main two signed copies of your thesisdissertation (an large copy may be included if three connections have been appointed) a mapped Submission Form signed by both you.

The Programme offers 12 lecture courses, each comprising 12 lectures, 6 seminars and 4 tutorials of each, plus a 3hr written exam, for a total of 33hrs contact teaching and assessment per course. On application, you will be asked to select two lecture courses. In addition, there will be a series of 6 x 1hr evening lectures.

There are a wide range of possible sources of studentships, scholarships and bursaries.  You will need to begin your enquiries in good time to meet deadlines.

For more information, please read the Faculty's General Rules and Guidelines for the PhD Programme , section 3.

The University of Exeter has been awarded a Gold rating in the recent Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), one of only eight Russell Group universities to obtain the highest TEF rating.

‌ Your Researcher Development Essentials is the core of our provision, a series of five workshops to support you throughout your Doctoral journey. The workshop series includes:

University of Exeter theses are searchable on the  library catalogue , including online and print thesis collections.  The library holds copies of doctoral theses only. Masters or undergraduate dissertations may be held by the awarding  department , so please direct your enquiry to the administrative staff within that department.

Find out how three researchers from the Universities of Manchester, Plymouth and Glasgow have used EThOS to help their research.

The programme recognises the particular needs, interests and policy contexts of students who are also professionals in their own right, and is flexibly organised to enable doctoral level study alongside existing work commitments. It can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis or, where appropriate, on a mixed full-time/part-time basis and modules are available via blended learning, which provides face-to-face contact with tutors and fellow students mixed with online provision and self-study.

The aim of writing a dissertation is to give students the opportunity to research a topic related to their programme of study, which is not covered in depth by any taught module being offered that year. It is also designed to give students the opportunity to plan and manage their own research and to produce an extended written dissertation.

You receive your money from the first sale of your eBook. On the author's site you'll find all your new sales. Your royalties are transferred to your bank account each quarter.

As part of the programme, trainees will be required to give several presentations and to attend their colleagues’ presentations (as with all teaching, attendance will be monitored). The purpose of these presentations is to increase confidence and effectiveness in communicating research ideas and findings and to get feedback from colleagues on design and presentation. Trainees are expected to give the following presentations throughout the programme:

Use the "Browse" functions above to browse for theses by year or Department. For a quick search, use the search box below. For an advanced search, click here.

Exeter thesis online

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exeter thesis online
exeter thesis online

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