How is the character of Larry Lasalle used in Robert., Larry lasalle essay

Larry lasalle essay

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2. This ambiguity about LaSalle’s character is continued through the book, reflecting the theme of concealment and revelation. Despite LaSalle’s ‘dazzling movie-star’ good looks when he arrives in the town, there is a sense of uneasy mystery about him, as to why he turned his back on show-business. Cormier uses this technique of foreshadowing and undermining throughout the novel, reflecting the uncertainty of many of the themes and characters of the book.

For the first time in my love, a tide of confidence swept to me' Nicole gave him the ability to be someone completely different and enabled him to do things he never could do before. 'I was actually dating Nicole Renard' Francis had never been happier and life was perfect. Life suddenly changed on the 3rd of July 1943, the day that Larry LaSalle returned from the war, he was a hero and greeted like a hero should be 'a crowd gathered at the Monument Depot to greet his arrival'. He was a Frenchtown hero and a true mentor to the children of the Wreck centre.

Nicole immediately becomes an important person in the world of Francis. They begin to hang out and often visit the Plymouth (the local cinema) with each other. Their relationship is innocent and gentle, emphasizing their youth and inexperience in love.

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Larry lasalle essay

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larry lasalle essay
larry lasalle essay

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