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Master thesis cash management

At the beginning of September, around 175 NOHA students meet in Warsaw to start the NOHA Masters with a 7-10 day Intensive Programme, bringing together approximately 40 high level international humanitarian practitioners, lecturers and researchers to introduce key humanitarian issues to the NOHA Masters students.

Author: Leonardo D’Auria Advisor: Marco Marchioro Language: English Abstract In this work we describe a method to perform risk simulations of VIX futures, according to the historical-simulation model. We assume a stochastic volatility mean-reverting constant elasticity of variance pro- cess to model the VIX dynamics. Following non-arbitrage argument, the market expectation of VIX futures price […]

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Effects of Working Capital Management on Company Profitability ... Master’s Thesis ... Effects of Working Capital Management on Company Profitability

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Download the course schedule Financial Management (pdf) and go to the courses webpage to find more detailed information on the content. Please note that the names of the courses may change next year.

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Master thesis cash management

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Thesis: Statement of Cash Flows


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master thesis cash management
master thesis cash management

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