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Mayan homework help

The Mayans were a civilisation based in Mesoamerica, the area we now know as Central America and Mexico. The classic Mayan period is considered c 200-900 AD, but there is evidence of beginning of Mayan civilisations as far back as 250 BC.

The Ancient Maya lived from 2000 . to as late as the 16 th century ., even after competing cultures like the Aztecs and Spanish Conquistadors took power in that part of the world. Mayan warriors dressed in outfits with  many feathers and tassels, and in modern Mayan celebrations warrior costumes with bright feathers are made for men dancing in traditional parades.

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The Maya had three calendars: the tzolk'in , the haab , and the La ronda del calendario. The tzolk'in calendar was 260 days--about the length of a human pregnancy. The haab was close in length to our own solar calendar and was about 360 days. The La Ronda del calendario --the Calendar Round (also known as the Long Count ) was cycled at 52 (haab) years.

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In the lowland areas crops such as maize, cacao, beans, avocado, squash and chilli were grown. Dogs were kept for meat and animals such as turkeys, rabbits, deer and agouti were hunted for food. Highland areas provided stones such as obsidian and jade and ores such as hematite. Quetzal feathers were highly prized for headdresses. Clothing was made from woven cotton or sisal.

Mayan homework help

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mayan homework help -

Mayan homework help -

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mayan homework help
mayan homework help

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