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Wireless electricity essay

Another example of resonance is the way in which a singer can shatter a wine glass by singing a single loud, clear note. In this example, the wine glass is the resonant oscillating system. The sound wave energy is converted to mechanical vibrations of the glass itself.  When the singer hits the note that matches the resonant frequency of the glass, the glass absorbs energy, begins vibrating, and can eventually even shatter. The resonant frequency of the glass depends on the size, shape, thickness of the glass, and how much wine is in it.

The biggest and really only drawback at the moment is the efficiency of energy transfer. This means the percentage of energy actually getting to the device trying to be powered compared to the amount of energy originally added. The highest percentage reached so far according to their website is 90% of energy transferred, in their matt to car battery device. Now I say this drawback is only temporary because they say there is room for improvement and advancement in the process. Finally in a quote from Dr. Katie Hall former Chief Technology Officer at Witricity “I always say kids will say: ‘Why is it called wireless?'”, because they will know no world with wires.

In far-field or radiative techniques, also called power beaming , power is transferred by beams of electromagnetic radiation , like microwaves or laser beams. These techniques can transport energy longer distances but must be aimed at the receiver. Proposed applications for this type are solar power satellites , and wireless powered drone aircraft . [3] [4] [5]

We deliver the seamless convenience of wireless power at the same power level as plugging in. Not trickle charging, not twice as long to charge, no tradeoffs. At WiTricity we aim to make charging just a natural act in the course of typical usage. Freedom from wires has no boundaries.

He was right. Only gods mess with electrons. Only a fool would shoot them into the air. And yet, I’m in a conference room with a scientist who is going to let 120 volts fly out of the wall, on purpose.

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Though the energy was only enough to run an electric kettle and the distance was not huge, this appears to be a giant leap in developing new energy sources. The successful experiment could pave the way to collecting inexhaustible solar energy in space and transmitting it to Earth, the researchers said.

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Whilst bidding farewell to cables is a definite perk, it’s only one of the benefits that wireless electricity could bring. ‘A second, more interesting class of applications is where you actually improve performance,’ comments Karalis. ‘Inside a factory, efficiency is often limited by the fact that there are wires running along all the machines and robotic arms. If we can get rid of those wires, then we can definitely improve the efficiency of the whole production line.’

A transmitter sends RF energy over the air to a receiver chip embedded in a device, which converts it to DC to recharge its batteries or directly power the device. This remote charging technology behaves like Wi-Fi where enabled devices automatically charge when within range of a power transmitter.  Smart, configurable and controllable, it can automatically activate when devices need charging and turn off when they’re done, or can deliver power continuously or on a scheduled basis.

ERIC GILER: The cable that you use, while it's very capable, it's big—it looks as big as a gas pump. Some people may not be able to deal with it.

You will see that products need more than coils and alternatining currents. For energy-efficient power transfer the phone must be able to shut down the transmitter when the battery is full. The phone, therefore, needs to send control signals to the charging station.

In September 2012, the company announced it would make a $1000 demonstration kit available to interested parties, to promote development of commercial applications. [9] [ needs update ]

Tesla developed the coil in 1891, before conventional iron-core transformers were used to power things like lighting systems and telephone circuits. These conventional transformers can't withstand the high frequency and high voltage that the looser coils in Tesla's invention can tolerate. The concept behind the coil is actually fairly simple and makes use of electromagnetic force and resonance. Employing copper wire and glass bottles, an amateur electrician can build a Tesla coil that can produce a quarter of a million volts. [ Infographic: How the Tesla Coil Works ]

I have now added a AC to DC diode bridge which converts AC to DC. Then i added a Joule Theif to the diode bridge, which is a very simple circuit that can amplify input power (the Dc voltage from the diode bridge). http:///watch?v=gTAqGKt64WM

This allows the LED to be lit when its father away from the coil, because the voltage going to the LED is higher. It is now able to power DC devices.

Wireless electricity essay

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wireless electricity essay
wireless electricity essay

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