Should homework be banned? |, Homework should be banned essay in hindi

Homework should be banned essay in hindi

But the question of how much work children should be doing outside of school remains controversial, and plenty of parents take issue with no-homework policies, worried their kids are losing a potential academic advantage. Here’s what you need to know:

I have not enough family time to spend playing games, opening presents, playing with my little sisters or to spend time with my mom or dad. I think homework takes too much time. I want more free time, less homework, and more time with my friends, my dog or outside with nature.

Homework can be a beneficial tool to help a student apply certain concepts that they have learned. However, since they may not have someone sitting next to them or working through it to make sure that it is correct; they could just be practicing bad habits and learning how to do problems the wrong way. Perfect practice is the only way to ensure that students are learning the right concepts. If they are doing it wrong, then it isn’t helping and is actually making things worse. Parents today learned how to do many of these concepts so long ago that they may not be able to assist their children in their homework. That leaves the student to fend for himself.

The percentage of teens using social media is near to 98% and these teens spend 700 billion minutes every month. The opposition side mentions that we are wasting our two hour a day sacrifice of doing homework when average teens spend 700 billion minutes in the internet every month. Teenagers are already locked up in their rooms which exonerates the idea of homework fomenting that effect. Talk about a waste of time?

Apparently, it does in Finland. But rather than a total ban on homework, the country assigns very little. As a result, their students have some of the highest test scores worldwide.

Yet there are many parents who feel that from early on, children need to do homework if they are to succeed in an increasingly competitive academic culture. School administrators and policy makers have also weighed in, proposing various policies on homework .

However, opponents have branded their calls “ridiculous” and pointed to studies linking homework with higher achievement.

2. Modern assignments might not match up with a parent’s knowledge.
Curriculum has changed over the years and the way information is being taught may be a lot different than a way a parent learned that information decades ago. Banning homework would eliminate the potential inconsistencies that may occur between two different teaching styles.

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Homework has been given to students because teachers believe it helps them remember what they learn at school, and helps them learn the material better.

Doesn't homework help students get better marks? One study after another, including the latest one from the Australian Institute of Family Studies , is proof that it does nothing of the kind.

2. More Time In The Classroom
There is already limited time in the classroom to cover all of the topics that need to be covered. Working on large projects and independent studies can take a large chunk of this time up. With homework, many of this course work can be completed at home and free up a lot of time during the school day.

As a teacher my relationship with homework has taken on a new dynamic. Working in Italy, I am obliged to set (and of course grade) increasingly large amounts of homework: most of which is completed by my female students, little of which is even attempted by my male students. While the dynamic has changed, however, my view has not. Homework does not help. Instead of contributing to learning, it only threatens to blacken the association young people have with education. Here are 10 reasons it should be banned.

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Homework should be banned essay in hindi

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Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned In Schools

Homework Should Be Banned Essay Example for Free

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homework should be banned essay in hindi
homework should be banned essay in hindi

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