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Essay on 6 seasons of india in english

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Winter season is very cold and one of the four seasons of India. It falls in the month of December and ends in march during Holi festival. December and January are considered as the peak cold months of the winter season. It comes after the autumn season and finishes before the spring season (later summer season). We generally feel slight decrease in the atmospheric temperature from Diwali festival (start of winter) till Holi festival (end of winter).

People rarely come outdoors until daylight; most sit indoors by the fireside in the mornings and evenings. Everyone sees the essence of the weather report during winter, this service assumes added importance as the information they present can be the difference between having proper protective clothing and freezing to death, knowing if the roads would be navigate-able tomorrow morning, or if the night’s blizzard has called off engagements on their behalf.

Many people go to hill stations in summer. Summer is the season of ice cream and cold drinks. It is also the season of mangoes, water melon, grapes and oranges . People love to drink mango juice and also a sugarcane juice which people call nectar of earth. Many beautiful flowers bloom in this season.

In some parts of the world, some other "seasons" capture the timing of important ecological events such as hurricane season , tornado season , and wildfire season . [ citation needed ] The most historically important of these are the three seasons— flood , growth , and low water —which were previously defined by the former annual flooding of the Nile in Egypt .

Six Seasons In India – According to Hindu schedule there are six different Indian seasons round the year. Periods of India are pretty much like whatever other nation on the planet. The outstanding six seasons are Spring, Summer, Rainy, Early Autumn, Late Autumn and Winter. South India being near equator and tropical has brutal and long summers similar to the case with stormy as well. Conversely, North India has same seasons as that found in America or North Europe. Every one of the seasons offer fluctuated climatic conditions with various temperatures.

Problems and difficulties: The winter season creates problems for poor people. They have to work hard during the day time. They often sit by the fire at bight. They have no warm clothes. Sometimes they need to work even in the night. A large number of birds and other small animals die in this season. Travelling is troublesome in this season. We have to carry lot of luggage with us.

Essay on 4 Seasons in India: Summer, Rainy, Autumn, and Winter... Rainy season (June to September): ... Short essay on Summer Season ;

In the absence of rain, the earth becomes scorched with hot sunshine and the soil becomes hard. Then it becomes impossible to plough the land and sow the seeds. So vegetation suffers heavily in summer season.

In March, the climate chang­es, often suddenly. The warm, moisture-laden west wind prevails, and the air becomes warm and mild. The flowers come out, the trees put forth their new leaves, and the grass becomes green. The birds begin nesting, and the woods are full of their singing; and the farmers are busy ploughing and sowing.

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This is why when we have winter, Australia has summer. Imagine having Christmas dinner on the beach! But not all countries have seasons. Countries near to the equator - the line which goes round the middle of the earth - have very mild seasons. The weather stays almost the same temperature all the year round.

Essay on 6 seasons of india in english

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essay on 6 seasons of india in english
essay on 6 seasons of india in english

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