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India international trade fair essay

The participation figures verify the huge worldwide response of IITF. The 26th edition of IITF (2006) had around 7500 national and 350 international exhibiting companies. The fair attracted a huge audience of more than 3 million general visitors & 2,75,000 business visitors including 91 delegations from 53 countries. In fact, all business avenues will be encouraged to participate, to represent India in its totality and open fresh avenues for major business expansion.

In 1498 Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut (modern day Kozhikode in Kerala ) as the first European to ever sail to India. The tremendous profit made during this trip made the Portuguese eager for more trade with India and attracted other European navigators and tradesmen. [7]

Australian businesses can take the first mover advantage of the following FTA’s that are not available to either the European Union or USA... read more .

The Indian consumer market is drawing global attention not just because of its promise of sheer volumes but also because of the tectonic shift happening in the nature of demand.

Increasing urbanization, increasing incomes and rising aspiration for a better life, especially, among the lower economic strata are some of the factors reshaping the Indian consumer market. The result of this flux is a new Indian consumer who is more discerning than ever, ready to place his money on brand, quality and convenience and eager to explore the organised retail market. 

Neeshal, a Belgian national who fled from India in January along with other family members, has written to the ED on the same lines as his brother and uncle Mehul Choksi.

IITC-INDIA provides assistance for strategic partnership with overseas companies, joint ventures, technology transfer, setting up industry, merger and acquisitions. IITC-INDIA has presence in India and various countries, and is actively working with State and Federal Governments for promotion of bi-lateral trade and in and outbound investment.

The Institute is equipped with well-stocked library having vast collection of subject related books. This service is available free of charge.

India International Trade Centre (IITC-INDIA) is a Private Organisation and Registered Under Section 25 of The Indian Companies Act, 1956.

constituted one-third of total Indian exports in 1999. In turn, the top 3 import sources were the United States, Britain, and Belgium, together constituting 21 percent of total imported items.

According to leading management consultancy McKinsey & Co, the growth of India’s economy can match that of China (about 10% per annum) if the former eliminates the main impediments to trade.

The Chinese Communist Party's decision to scrap the two-term limit for President was indicated in October last year when Xi was re-elected for the second term.

The European Commission's Trade and Investments Barriers Report points out that some progress has been made to dismantle trade barriers in India.

Annapoorna World of Food India , by its increasing quality in the exhibitors and visitors has paved a way as a most sought-after trade fair in India.

India international trade fair essay

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India International Trade Centre (IITC-INDIA)

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india international trade fair essay
india international trade fair essay

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