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Factorising quadratics homework

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Many schools have Year 11 mock GCSE exams over the next few weeks. In case you have time to run a few revision lessons before your mocks sta...

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Use that formula to get the two answers x + and x − (one is for the "+" case, and the other is for the "−" case in the "±"), and we get this factoring:

Our factorising worksheets are designed to help students conquer all types of equations. From expanding the brackets to factorising quadratics, our factorising expressions worksheets are all clearly presented and easy to follow. We have factor maths worksheets suitable for all abilities, and they are all supplied with answers to assess how well your child or pupil is doing, and highlight areas for revision. We have a wealth of resources to improve students’ confidence answering all types of expanding and factorising maths questions. Algebra is unavoidable at school so make it enjoyable by using our factorising quadratics worksheets!

Remember that to factorise an expression we need to look for common factor pairs. In this example we are looking for two numbers that:

Factorising quadratics homework

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factorising quadratics homework
factorising quadratics homework

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