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Present education system short essay

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Although the current version of NCLB does not focus on high schools, it requires reading and math to be tested at least once from grades 10 to 12, and testing in science was proposed by the Bush administration. In addition, 22 states have enacted burgeoning high school reforms requiring students to pass a state exit exam to receive their high school diploma. In 2006, 65 percent of the nation's high school students and 76 percent of its minority high school students were enrolled in school in these 22 states.

I wouldn’t be laying too much emphasis on the drawbacks of India’s public education system because it has been an issue well debated over in the past and the main flaws have already been pointed out before. I will be focussing on how the education system’s failure is leading to another social issue of income inequality and hence, suggest certain policies to improve India’s education system and reduce inequality.

In addition to the Government Schools there are 33 non-fee-levying Assisted Private Schools and 33 fee- levying autonomous Private Schools. These schools offer the local syllabus as well as the British system. There is another category of English medium International Schools approved and registered by the Board of Investment, Sri Lanka. Some international schools offer the curriculum for the IB Diploma while others coach students for the Edexcel Ordinary Level (O/L) Advanced Subsidiary (A/S) and Advanced Level (A2) examinations. A few schools offer the curriculum for the Cambridge Examinations as well.

Below we will discuss the education system of the Philippines in great detail, including a description of both the primary and secondary education levels in the country, as well as the systems currently in place for vocational and university education.

Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Education,
Health and Medicine, Agriculture and Animal Science, Forestry, Engineering, Law and Science & Technology

In the Muslim period, the ob­jectives of education changed. It was more to teach the three R’s and train in religious norms. The higher education was imparted through schools of learning while the vocational and professional training was given within the caste structure. Sanskrit and Arabic or Persian was the medi­ums of instruction.

On the other hand, we can say that skills and competences which seem to be fairly important in the near future in education do not really appear among the needs of practising teachers. As we asked and interviewed some final year undergraduates as well in the data collection process, we can say that there are no significant differences between the needs of practising teachers and teachers-to-be undergraduates. Neither of the groups of teachers feels that convertible and renewable content knowledge, open and pedagogically well-trained teachers are the key figures of the future education. 

The other reason is because the educational system focuses on both practical and academic achievement. Instead of sticking to a regimen that no one really understands and doesn’t really tell us anything, the New Zealand public education system focuses on being open-minded and letting children explore, thus allowing them to learn in the best way that they can. This gets them ready for college or the workplace upon finishing their secondary education.

The primary level starts at the age of 6 years and the child graduates 6 years later, at the age of 12 years, and are awarded the First School Leaving Certificate. Primary education in Nigeria is free and compulsory. Even though the parents have to bear the expenses of the uniforms and the other charges levied by the schools, the government pays for the education.

It is important to clarify that while there are private schools in India, they are highly regulated in terms of what they can teach, in what form they can operate (must be a non-profit to run any accredited educational institution) and all other aspects of operation. Hence, the differentiation of government schools and private schools can be misleading. [12]

A right to education has been recognized by some governments and the United Nations . [2] In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age.

Evaluation and Assessment provides information on common . grading and credit systems as well as evaluation and standardized tests.

As per the world bank report in India there are more than 7,40,000 formal schools; more than million teachers are working on full time basis; there are more than 175 Universities offering under graduate level and post graduate courses and about 6000 colleges affiliated to these universities.

The education sector or education system is a ... A consequence of the latter theory is that effective teaching should present a variety of teaching methods ...

I agree to some extent but at the same time quality education systems and proper dissemination of the educational values to students helps in the framing of intellectual minds for the growth of the country. It is immensely important for a country to have good faculty and well- maintained educational structure so that the students of the country are instilled with knowledge required to contribute in the country’s development.

Present education system short essay

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present education system short essay
present education system short essay

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