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Venus fly trap essay

You probably know how hard it can be to kill a fly. House flies have only two eyes, but each of their eyes has thousands of lenses. They don't see anything clearly, but they detect the tiniest motion. Yet Venus flytraps, which have no eyes, catch flies easily.

The Venus Flytrap, known to the science community as Dionaea muscipula, is most commonly found and is native to the southeastern parts of the United States

When a trap is open, each lobe is convex in shape, its red belly bulging outwards. When something triggers the trap, the lobes flip to a concave arrangement in less than a tenth of a second, forming a sealed stomach. But how does a plant manage such rapid movement?

The Venus flytrap does not hunt for its meat--it catches unsuspecting insects that land on it. The trap is made of two flat leaves at the top of each stem of the plant, and they work like two doors that close around the prey.

The trigger hairs are the indicators for the plant to know when there is possible prey in the trap. If two trigger hairs are touched or one trigger hair is touched twice within a short period of time (around 30 seconds or so), the trap will spring closed within a tenth of a second. The amount of time the trap takes to close varies greatly with temperature, light, plant health and other factors, but a healthy trap in warm conditions closes very quickly. The trap of a Venus Fly trap is an active trapping mechanism that is one of the fastest movements in the plant kingdom.

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The Venus flytrap is a small plant, with small leaves. Its clam -shaped leaves look rather like flowers, and so they attract insects. When they are open, they are red and smell sweet. They have stiff hairs on each edge. Inside the leaves, there are very sensitive, tiny hairs which cause the leaves to snap shut when they are touched. Two hairs must be touched to make the leaves close. This makes it more likely that the thing that touched its hair is living.

“The great wonder of the vegetable kingdom is a very curious unknown species of Sensitive. It is a dwarf plant. The leaves are like a narrow segment of a sphere, consisting of two parts, like the cap of a spring purse, the concave part outwards, each of which falls back with indented edges (like an iron spring fox-trap); upon anything touching the leaves, or falling between them, they instantly close like a spring trap, and confine any insect or anything that falls between them. It bears a white flower. To this surprising plant I have given the name of Fly trap Sensitive.”

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Venus fly trap essay

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venus fly trap essay
venus fly trap essay

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