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Peer editing checklist five paragraph essay

__ All other homonyms (which spell check won't catch) have been checked. For example, you would not want to write, "She peaked through the blinds and saw the peek of Mt. Ampersand."

But don't be overwhelmed. When creating checklists for peer editing, much of the criteria is the same. Use a basic 'bones' template, then take a minute to consider the specifics of the essay you're working on. First think about what makes that essay unique. Perhaps take a look back at the lessons you've taught and integrate those ideas into the checklist. If you've worked on developing a strong voice, consider adding that aspect to your checklist. Finally, a good place to find criteria is in your scoring rubric. If you're going to grade it, students should be given a heads up and an opportunity to make sure they hit the mark.

Finally, use the checklist as it is designed - a simple 'yes or no' tool students check off. Divide it into areas for criteria you're looking for, such as revisions like clarity or edits for grammar. Providing a feedback box allows students to take or make notes. Take a look.

Revising and editing a peer’s writing helps students learn to work as a team. It also gives them a fresh perspective on the proofreading process that will help them become more aware as they write and edit their own work. So, how can you make the peer review and editing process engaging, meaningful and fun for students? Here are five ways to get your students excited about peer review that actually work!

This list includes only brief examples and explanations intended for you to use as reminders while you are editing your papers. If you would like to learn more, consider the following options:

It is a good idea to create an editor's key with your writing peers. This way you can suggest changes instead of fixing the mistakes. An editor's key has symbols that everyone understands. If you mark your friend's paper by hand, use a different colour pen than the writing. If you mark it on the computer, use a different colour font.

Peer editing checklist five paragraph essay

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peer editing checklist five paragraph essay
peer editing checklist five paragraph essay

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