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Essay first lines

But at last their personal statements for the Common App are crafted. The undergraduate admissions staff, while evaluating students on their total merit, take notice of the first lines that make essay-reading a particular pleasure. We asked them to share some of their favorite openers from those students who, starting in September, can write, Call me Cardinal.

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Huxley adds that the most satisfying essays "...make the best not of one, not of two, but of all the three worlds in which it is possible for the essay to exist."

As she trudged down the alley, Cenessa saw a small _________________. [Fill in the blank.]
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But there's one thing I'm sure about. An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story. It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.

We’ve all heard English teachers say that the introduction can be the most important part of an essay, as it focuses the reader, sets expectations, and grabs the reader’s attention. We often search for a hook, one that is at once unique and free of gimmicks. It is a tricky balancing act, and is certainly culturally influenced as well. Worse, we writers often lack the objectivity to effectively assess our our own writing (especially when we’ve labored over a single paragraph for hours or days), so we may not be able to tell whether our writing works or conveys the message we want.

“You Won’t Believe What Heath Ledger Did To Prepare For His Role As The Joker.” Fan of comic book movies or not - there is a strong chance that this headline peaked your interest and made you want to read the article. This doesn’t go to say that your opener should read like a clickbait headline. In applying the “Curiosity” strategy, you simply want to replicate the effect of making your audience curious to learn more. The media has never underestimated the power of curiosity. In fact, is used as an editorial weapon. News publications, “fun-fact” media, movies, books, and advertisements can inspire you to inspire others.

I can’t begin to tell you how many essays I read about influential people, especially family members.  But no matter what the topic was, it was the first line of an essay that would keep me going.  Usually by the time I finished the first paragraph, I could tell if the essay was going to be a winner or a dud.

The second paragraph of the body should contain the second strongest argument, second most significant example, second cleverest illustration, or an obvious follow up the first paragraph in the body. The first sentence of this paragraph should include the reverse hook which ties in with the transitional hook at the end of the first paragraph of the body. The topic for this paragraph should be in the first or second sentence. This topic should relate to the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The last sentence in this paragraph should include a transitional hook to tie into the third paragraph of the body.

Following are different types of essay topics for students which are categorized in many sections so that you can easily chose the topic as per your need and requirement.

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 · Let Me Introduce Myself . First lines ... acknowledged that a high school student in possession of a good résumé must still be in want of a personal essay .

Emergency medical dispatchers are trained in first aid, so that if there is an emergency, they can give the caller some information on what to do until the ambulance arrives. This can include the "C-A-B" listed below.

Want examples? Here are samples from winning college essays courtesy of Stanford University . These are opening lines of admissions essays that the Stanford admission reps especially liked. All of the essay writers were accepted as members of the class of 2012. You can find even more opening lines of sample admission essays in the Stanford Magazine .

This post is about what makes great first lines great. We’ll look at examples from some of the best books in history and try to apply their techniques to our stories.

Essay first lines

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essay first lines
essay first lines

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