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Ut thesis template

Thesis/Dissertation Resources
Link to UTK’s Graduate School thesis/dissertation consulting page, providing further information about formatting your ETD for electronic submission as well as copyright, approval process, and policies pertaining to ETDs.

Documents must be submitted electronically in PDF format via the ETD website . Please note that this link takes you to the Texas Digital Libraries Vireo site for UTA. We are no longer accepting submissions through the ProQuest ETD Administrator site. Students who would like their document to be sent to ProQuest will have the option to do so within the Vireo site.

the universal copyright notice (the date should be the year the degree is conferred); the universal copyright notice must appear on one line

The Graduate School offers templates for your ... are writing a “multi-part” or manuscript thesis/dissertation. LaTeX Template ... UT students have ...

The Graduate School offers Microsoft Word templates to assist you in formatting your thesis or dissertation. Before using a template, review the Using the Thesis and Dissertation Templates user guide. Another option, approved by the Graduate School, is LaTex Document Preparation .

Submission of a manuscript during a semester does not guarantee graduation in that semester. Factors that can result in not graduating include the following:

This guide was prepared by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Questions concerning these guidelines or any aspect of manuscript preparation for the thesis or dissertation should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, , (972) 883 2234. Revised December 18, 2017

Master's degree candidates are expected to spend the equivalent of two semesters of full-time study in residence at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Print theses and dissertations are located in the Library's Archives collection (Room ) and are available by appointment. (Selected materials may be requested through Interlibrary Loan .) For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact archives@ .

The most comprehensive list of UT Austin dissertations, theses, and reports is available in the library catalog . In the  Advanced Search  option, you can limit the location of results to dissertations/theses. 

Join us on March 5th or 7th via webinar to learn about the graduate application process and tips for writing a powe… /i/web/status/9…

Students should format their thesis or dissertation to follow the guidelines contained within the model document.   Use of the “template” is an option for students who find it helpful.   All theses and dissertations, regardless of their source document (MS Word, LaTeX, Mac Pages, Google Docs or another Open Source document) must match the uniform guidelines contained within the model documents.

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UTHealth School of Public Health is one of six schools of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), the most comprehensive academic health system in The University of Texas System and the . Gulf Coast region. In addition to the School of Public Health, UTHealth is home to schools of biomedical informatics, biomedical sciences, dentistry, medicine and nursing. It also includes a psychiatric hospital, multiple institutes and centers, a growing network of clinics and outreach programs in education and care throughout the region.

There is a Graduate School LaTeX template courtesy of student Darrin Weber. (LaTeX is a highly recommended open source document compiler. You can find information online, including templates for specific journals and professional organizations. Start with The LaTeX Project .)

You can get a copy of the files from CTAN under the directory “ macros/latex2e/contrib/supported/ut-thesis/ ,” or you can download them here.

Ut thesis template

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ut thesis template
ut thesis template

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