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Writing custom shell

One note: this tutorial is loosely associated with my upcoming Tuts+ Premium course, "Advanced Command Line Techniques." To learn more about pretty much anything in this tutorial, stay tuned for that course's release. Hereafter in this tutorial, it will be referred to as "the course."

Not long after that post went live, a reader contacted me about the code I’d used to actually create the custom object. He said he had never seen that approach before. That was hardly surprising, as Windows PowerShell seems to offer a dozen ways to do anything. He suggested I write an article about the different ways to produce a custom object, so here we are.

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At their most basic, Windows PowerShell will treat any valid Windows PowerShell script code saved in a .psm1 file as a module. PowerShell will also automatically treat any binary cmdlet assembly as a module. However, you can also use a module (or more specifically, a module manifest) to bundle an entire solution together. The following scenarios describe typical uses for Windows PowerShell modules.

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Note: Composer makes no assumptions about the state of your dependencies prior to install or update . Therefore, you should not specify scripts that require Composer-managed dependencies in the pre-update-cmd or pre-install-cmd event hooks. If you need to execute scripts prior to install or update please make sure they are self-contained within your root package.

We will be using an Ubuntu VPS to experiment, but almost all modern Linux distributions should operate in a similar manner.

For this tutorial I am using Visual Studio 2010. In addition, you will need the PowerShell SDK installed (comes with the Windows 7 SDK if you have installed that instead).

If your cmdlet can perform its action without using any input parameters, there is nothing that you need to do. But, if you need input parameters, then, you need to define the properties in your class for those parameters. And, the most important part of defining properties is naming them. Microsoft has provided some guidelines for naming the properties so that your cmdlet is consistent with all other cmdlets. See the Cmdlet Parameter Names guideline by Microsoft for more details.

The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. Save the file and attach it in a forum post that describes your problem.

Writing custom shell

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Writing custom shell -

Writing custom shell -

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writing custom shell
writing custom shell

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